How Well Do You Know the Wild West?

The Wild West, or the American Frontier as it is also known, was a time of great bravery, violence, hardship and adventure in the history of the United States and even the world, attractive people from all around the globe with its promises of new land to settle. Do you know your share of this fascinating age?
How long ago was the true era of the "Wild West"?
Who of these people was NOT a famous criminal of the Wild West?
Billy the Kid
Wyatt Earp
Butch Cassidy
Jesse James
What was Annie Oakley famous for?
Being an expert markswoman
Inventing the cure for syphilis
Being an expert horse rider
Being an expert cowgirl
True or False: Whiskey served in the Wild West was known to be especially weak.
True, it was watered down more likely than not
False, it was exceptionally strong
What important discovery in 1848 caused a great migration of people to the west?
What territory included the wild west territories?
Texas and Nevada
Nevada and California
Nevada and Alaska
All land west of the Mississippi river
How many people, more or less, took to the famous Oregon trail on their journey west?
What is a "Peacemaker"?
A train
A gun
A coffin
A shovel
What would you call someone who just moved from the East?
A greenhorn
A baldface
A bean eater
A Namby-pamby
What was Doc Holiday's previous occupation?
In the Wild West, when you called someone a "tee-totaller" you meant he didn't do what?
Didn't eat meat
Didn't have guns on him
Didn't drink
Didn't sleep with women
What town became an infamous hotspot for outlaws?
Chicago, Illinois
Austin, Texas
San Francisco, California
Fort Griffith, Texas
Which of these occupations were women NOT allowed to have in the Wild West?
Land Owner
Adult Worker
Law Enforcement
How many men is the infamous outlaw Billy the Kid known for killing?
Toy Cowboy
You still have much to learn about this fascinating and bloody period in history. Of course, you're not expected to and it's hardly knowledge you'll be needing, but don't you want to know more about these bizarre, brave and crazy men and women who made a home for themselves as well as stories for a hundred generations? Why not have a look at the answers by clicking on 'Show Mistakes'?
Wild At Heart
You are obviously interested in this time period and know quite a bit about it. That said, you still could get a better score than you did, so if you are really fascinated, as we are, with this beguiling yet violent period in history, check out the full answers by clicking on 'show mistakes'.
A Cowboy Walks Among Us
Well, we might start blaming you for being over 130 years old but we guess you just know a lot about the Wild West, finding it just as fascinating as we do (as well as many film directors). Congratulations, you really showed us we need to up our game for our next Wild West quiz!
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