The History of the British Empire

The British Empire has a big place in the annals of history. It was a huge empire, controlling many countries that are independent today and making their presence known on every continent. What do you know about the mighty British Empire? Let's find out...
True or False: At its height, the British Empire was the largest empire in human history
What was a known name for the British Empire?
The Empire on Which the Sun Never Set
The Golden Empire
The Pax Britanica Empire
The Empire of the Sun
While we know Britain sent prisoners to exile in Australia, where did the empire send them before Australia?
North America
South Africa
In 1805, the British Empire defeated Napoleon in an epic naval battle known as...
The battle of Trafalgar
The battle of Waterloo
The battle of Vienna
The battle of Gettysburg
When was the British Empire at the height of its size?
Early 20th century
Early 19th century
Late 17th century
Middle of the 16th century
True or False: The period of the British Empire started in the 13th century
Which continent had the fewest British colonies?
South America
North America
Which of these countries was not a part of the British Empire?
During the days of the British Empire, one company rose to control the markets. What was its name?
The East India Company
The West Americas Company
The 13 Colonies Company
The South Oceania Company
Historians usually divide the period of the British Empire into two: Before and after the...
American war of independence
Battle with Napoleon
Colonization of Africa
Colonization of Australia
Which period in the time of the British Empire is known as the "Pax Britannica"
The time of relative world peace after the defeat of Napoleon
The period of time the empire fought in Africa
The period of time following WWI when the empire declined
The first 50 years of the British Empire and its battles in Asia
True or False: At the height of its strength, the British Empire controlled most of Russia
What Empire?
The British Empire was a huge political and historical force, and we advise reading a bit more about it, since it is responsible for a lot of the world order we see around us now (for good or bad). How about trying again or read our answers and explanations?
You know it pretty well
While not an expert on the British Empire, you seem to know quite a bit more than the average Joe about this mighty political and historical force. The British empire was incredibly important to making the world look like we know it now. Have a look at our answers to see more explanations.
You know it VERY well
You know well the might of the British Empire and its history, as evidenced by this quiz! You must be a lover of history, and the period of the British Empire takes up a lot of room in the history books. Congratulations, you ACED this quiz!
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