WDYK About the Titanic?

The Titanic was a wonder the world had never seen before. The sheer size of this ship, the unbelievable luxury it offered its passengers, and the horrifying details of its maiden voyage are all part of what has become one of the world's most interesting and sad stories. What do you know of this behemoth of a ship, what happened to it, and about the movie they made about it?
Before the collision, the Titanic was on its way to...
New York
Los Angeles
The biggest ship of its time, where was the huge Titanic Built?
Belfast, Ireland
London, England
Boston, USA
Rotterdam, Holland
How many people died in the Titanic disaster?
About 1,500
About 3,000
About 500
About 1,000
How long was the Titanic?
About 900 feet (270 meters)
About 1200 feet (365 meters)
About 600 feet (182 meters)
About 2000 feet (610 meters)
What was the name of the cruise liner that operated the Titanic?
White Star Line
Crystal Cruises
Eastern Dutch Company
Nightingale Travels
Who directed the famous movie about the Titanic, which came out in 1997?
James Cameron
Christopher Nolan
Ridley Scott
Michael Bay
Who was the male lead in the movie Titanic?
Leonardo DiCaprio
Tom Hanks
Christian Slater
Chris Pine
In what year did the Titanic disaster occur?
In which ocean did the Titanic sink?
Who was the female lead in the movie Titanic?
Kate Winslet
Cate Blanchett
Claire Danes
Winona Rider
True or False: Captain Edward Smith refused to go down with his ship, taking one of the first relief boats
The wreck of the Titanic was discovered in _______ by a Franco-American expedition
Care For Another Crack At it?
History runs away from all of us, to be remembered in old history books, but the story of the Titanic, even without the groundbreaking film, is an astonishing one. We recommend you find out more about it if you're interested in sad but powerful stories.
You Did Well!
While not an expert, you definitely know quite a bit about the Titanic and what happened to it. It's a sad event in the history of the 20th century, and indeed in maritime history in general. If you'd like to see where you did get it wrong, have a look at our answers.
You ACED It!
Congratulations on your historical knowledge about one of the greatest disasters in human history, and definitely in maritime history. You must hold quite a lot of historical information in that head of yours. Good stuff!
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