How Much French History Do You Know?

France is one of the world's oldest nations, with a huge amount of history behind it, wars, conquests, losses, kings, queens and revolutions. How much do you know about the history of this proud country of France? Let's put you to the test...
When did the French Revolution officially start?
May 5, 1789
June 16, 1760
July 28 1798
Which girl led the French Army at Orleans during the 100 Year War?
Bernadette de Lourdes
Joan of Arc
Jean de Brebeuf
Where was Napoleon exiled?
Which holiday signifies the start of the French Revolution?
Republic Day
Bastille Day
Independance Day
What battle was Napoleon's final defeat?
Siege de Toulon
Battle of Waterloo
Battle of Uhm
Which queen greatly influenced the start of the French Revolution?
Maria Theresa
Marie Antoinette
Astrid of Sweden
Which radical French Revolution leader was assassinated in his bath?
Georges Danton
Jean-Paul Marat
Marquis De Lafayette
Which treaty concluded the Seven Years' War?
Peace of Vereeniging
Treaty of Paris
Treaty of Versailles
Which French Emperor was known as "the little corporal?"
Napoleon I
Napoleon II
Napoleon III
Who has not been identified as the man in the iron mask?
English peasants
English noblemen
Louis XIV
The famous French king Charllemagne ruled over most of France and...
What city is the oldest in France?
In what French city did 7 popes make their seat during the 13th century?
During the ____ century, France was hit not only by the Bubnoic plague but also the 100 Hundred Year War against the English
Who built the Palace of Versailles in Paris?
King Louis XIV
King Charlemagne
King Alfred the Great
Queen Elizabeth I
Try Again...
While many people find it easy to disregard what happened in the past, wise men know that there's much to be learned from it. Why not try our test again, or look at the mistakes to see where you went wrong.
Well Done
Give yourself a pat on the back, as your results show that you know your French history facts pretty well. While you didn't get a perfect score, you show enough enthusiasm for the subject matter to be considered an amateur historian, and with further study you could quite easily become an expert. It's important to keep history alive within our hearts, else we repeat it.
Congratulations, your results are impeccable, and show that you know French history from the inside-out. Remembering names, dates and figures is what you do best, which is why you'd make an absolutely superb historian. Without people like you, we'd be cursed to keep repeating the same historical mistakes over and over again.
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