Victorian Era Quiz

The Victorian Era, from 1837 to 1901, was a great time of change in the world. The last remnants of the classical dying out as modernism becomes the coming new age. A moment before the huge events of the 20th century. If you were to return now to Victorian times, how would you fare? Let's put your knowledge to the test.
How were women expected to address politics?
Address it with good humor and neutrality
Pretend they weren't interested in it
Have a strong opinion on one side
You are walking through the street, and as you look around you spy a young man sitting inside and reading. Which book might it very well be?
Dracula by Bram Stoker
Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift
Robinson Crusoe By Daniel Defoe
The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine
How would a woman approach a familiar man in the street?
A kiss on the cheek
With a hand
A wave of a handkerchief
Which direction do male passengers face in horse-drawn carriages?
With their backs to the horse
Their front facing the horse
Facing the countryside.
A single woman wasn't allowed to leave a social gathering without the accompaniment of whom?
A single man
A married woman
A married man
If you had to go to a social gathering, what would you do with small children?
Lock them in their rooms
Take them with you
Leave them with a caretaker
If a woman was home between 3pm and 5pm, she would be ready for what?
The mailman
If a man and woman engage in the street, they should avoid what?
Loud talking
A mourning Victorian woman might sport...
A mourning ring
A bottle for their tears
Hair of the deceased person
All answers are correct
If you were a young bride, what age bridesmaids were you supposed to have at your wedding?
What was the corset waist size looked for by women of Victorian times?
16 inches
18 inches
22 inches
12 inches
If a woman meets a man in the street, the man must:
Stop and walk with her for a short distance
Ignore her
Talk to her
Shall We Try Again?
Seems like it's not the moment yet to head to that time machine your genius friend invented. You're not ready for Victorian times just yet. You can try again for a better score, or have a look at your mistakes so when you DO take that time travel trip (everyone does, no?) you won't be surprised by the weirdness of the Victorian era.
You'd Do Fine
While you will undoubtedly miss the comforts of the modern era, you wouldn't be quite lost in the Victorian Era. You seem to know quite a bit about it, and so it won't come as a complete shock to you. We'll make of you a Victorian person in the end!
You Can Go Right Now!
Seems like you'd do very well in Victorian times, as you know so much about it. A few moments of discordancy will make way to new habits and old ideas. You'd be a Victorian Lady or Gentleman in no time!
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