Are You One of Mother Nature's Miracle Workers?

While over-the-counter medications are often simple to take and offer quick results, they are often associated with quite a number of undesirable side-effects. In order to bypass these negative qualities, many people opt for the more wholesome route of natural remedies. The following quiz will test your knowledge of the most popular and effective natural remedies out there, so have a go and see what you learn from it.
woman with sunburn
Which of these should you rub onto your skin to treat sunburn?
Chilled Milk
Orange Juice
Salt Water
Egg Yolks
woman holding breath
Which of these hasn't been shown to cure hiccups?
Hot Sauce
Powdered Chocolate
Brown Bread
Peanut Butter
sliced aloe vera
What can aloe vera help treat?
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Acid Reflux
Chest Congestion
All of the Above
pregnant woman meditating
Which of these natural ingredients shouldn't be consumed by pregnant women?
Sweet Peppers
Cayenne Pepper
Red Paprika
girl with cracked lips
Which of these hasn't been shown to help cracked lips?
Cucumber Slices
Olive Oil
pineapple by the sea
Which of these should you avoid if you suffer from cellulitis?
Tea Tree Oil
different types of mushrooms
What can't mushrooms help with?
Reducing Blood Pressure
Preventing Breast Cancer
Preventing Skin Rashes
Lowering Cholesterol Levels
bowl of nutmeg
Nutmeg has loads of health benefits, but you should never consume more than...
Half a teaspoon a day
One teaspoon a day
One tablespoon a day
Three tablespoons a day
elderly person's hand
Which of these help slow down the aging process?
Ginger Honey Tea
Grape Seed Extract
Noni Juice
All of the Above
spoonful of cream of tartar
What can't cream of tartar be used for?
Treating Bacterial Infections
Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Preventing Gallstones
Soothing Arthritis
elderly man with hand over eye
Which of these foods is best for taking care of your eyesight?
All of the Above
different kinds of onions
What can onions do for you?
Speed up the blood clotting process
Raise your blood sugar levels
Help make scars less noticeable
All of the above
blurred vision of trees
How can you ease feelings of nausea?
Drink a glass of ginger ale
Eat some milk toast
Smell a slice of lemon
All of the above
woman lying on cracked earth
What can you try if you suffer from depression?
Consuming foods high in omega-3 fatty acids
Increasing the amount of caffeine you consume
Avoiding using ingredients with high levels of magnesium
All of the above
spoonful or oregano
What can oregano tea help you out with?
Intestinal Parasites
Urinary Tract Infections
All of the Above
flower breaking through cracked earth
Further Study Needed
Your score shows that you've got a rather basic understanding of the many natural remedies around. That's no reason to panic though, since BabaMail has plenty of informative articles about the most innovative and effective cures and treatments that Mother Nature has to offer. This means that anyone who's got enough time on their hands will be able to become a master at tackling pains and ailments naturally and safely, greatly improving their own quality of life, as well as the lives of close friends and family members.
ingredients for natural remedies
Nature's Best Friend
Your score shows that you've got a pretty good knowledge base of the most popular natural remedies. This is great because it'll keep you from having to visit the doctor for many minor ailments, and will save you a good deal of money in the process. However, your score isn't 100% perfect, and your knowledge of rarer remedies is still a bit limited. Thankfully, BabaMail's got you covered, so if you ever find yourself spending plenty of time in our health section, we're sure that you'll get a perfect score next time you take this quiz!
holding miracle in hands
Natural Miracle Worker
Impressive! You know how to get the most out of the fruits of Mother Nature, and you know about the healing potential of pretty much every natural ingredient there is. Whether you've got sunburn, cracked lips or hiccups, you know exactly what to take to get you feeling better in no time at all. You're practically a walking encyclopedia of natural remedies, and your friends and family are a lot safer and healthier thanks to you!
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