Do You Know How to Run a Successful BBQ?

How much do you know about BBQ safety? Test your knowledge and make sure you know how to keep yourself and your friend and family safe.
food on BBQ
What do you do if you smell gas while grilling?
Turn off the tank and burners, get away from the grill, and see if the smell persists.
Move the grill and find out where the smell is coming from.
Turn off the grill, sell it, and resign to eating out instead.
Don't worry, it's normal.
lemon and chicken
Where should meat be kept while marinating?
On the counter.
In the fridge.
In the freezer.
BBQ outside
What is an OPD and what does it look like?
Local Police Department — black uniform and shiny badge, pinnacle of grilling authority.
Overfill Prevention Device — a triangular knob on what looks like a garden-hose faucet.
Optimal Propane Dashboard — a huge dial with lots of numbers on the propane tank.
Olfactory Product Detector — a nose on the inside of the grill that detects what food is cooking.
assorted BBQ food
How long can food be kept out after grilling?
2 hours.
3 hours.
4 hours.
5 hours.
meat with marinade
When is it okay to reuse marinade?
Within a week.
Within 3 days.
Only on the same day.
red fire extinguishers
What kind of fire extinguisher should you NEVER use on a grease fire?
Dry Powder
BBQ fire
If you can't find a fire extinguisher, what else can you use to control small grease fires?
Baking soda.
Baby powder.
Salt and sugar mix.
BBQ with friends
What is the minimum recommended distance that should be between the BBQ and all non-chefs?
3 feet
6 feet
9 feet
12 feet
child eating at BBQ
BBQ Hazard!
Uh-oh! Your knowledge of BBQ safety seems to be a little lacking nowadays. Don’t worry though, since the fine art of the BBQ safety isn’t too tricky to master! Just a little bit of research and a few supervised practical sessions are in order, and your friends and family won’t fear for their lives any longer!
old man with BBQ
A Little More Grillin' To Do!
You’ve clearly got a lot of BBQing experience under your belt, and you seem to know most of your stuff well enough. However, just a single slip-up could mean disaster at one of your BBQs, so try to pay a little more attention, and you could be grillin’ like a scoutmaster in no time!
old woman with BBQ
Master of the Grill!
Give yourself a pat on the back, because nobody handles a grill quite like you do! Your meat is always well-refrigerated, and your extinguisher’s always handy. You clearly know the most efficient fire-prevention techniques like the back of your hand! Your family and friends can rest assured that they’ll be in safe hands whenever they visit one of your barbecues!
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