Only the World's Best Doctors & Nurses Can Ace This Quiz

Do you think you've got that healing touch? If so, you might want to give this trivia quiz a go, and see if you've got the caregiving skills and medical knowledge to give even the world's greatest doctors and nurses a run for their money. Don't forget to share it with your friends and family if you enjoy it!
doctor taking temperature
What is a normal body temperature?
About 91 degrees Fahrenheit
About 104 degrees Fahrenheit
About 98 degrees Fahrenheit
elderly man using asthma inhaler
How do you help someone having an asthma attack?
Do nothing, and allow the attack to subside.
Have them run around the block.
Help them sit comfortably and take their medication.
vial of poison
What information do you need if someone has swallowed poison or another dangerous substance?
What they have taken, when and how much.
What they have taken, when and why.
What they have taken, when and where.
light scratch on hand
How do you treat minor wounds and scrapes?
Just put a band aid on it.
Wash with soap and water, dry thoroughly, and apply a bandage.
Squeeze the wound until the bleeding stops.
female athlete with sprained ankle
True or False: You treat an ankle sprain with a cold compress.
book in hospital
Whose guidelines should you be referring to for the management of infectious diseases?
Grey's Anatomy
Center for Disease Control
smiling nurse in ward
Which one of these things is NOT a vital sign?
Body temperature
Reaction time
car crash with shattered glass
If you come across a victim of a fall or a car accident, what do you do?
Don't move them and call paramedics.
Put them in your car and drive to the hospital.
Offer them a drink and yell loudly for a doctor.
heartbeat concept
What is considered a normal heartbeat?
100 to 150 beats per minute
40 to 50 beats per minute
60 to 100 beats per minute
ambulance rushing through traffic
If you find someone unresponsive and not breathing, how do you help open their airway?
Roll them onto their front.
Roll them over on their side and tilt their head back.
Roll them onto their back and tilt their head back.
CPR treatment
True or False: The first step in CPR is to apply pressure to the victim's chest.
nurse in front of patients
How would you go about treating a minor burn?
With warm water and salt.
With cool water, aloe vera, and a loose bandage.
With butter, oil, or petroleum jelly.
nurse comforting sad patient
If someone who witnessed an emergency incident appears distressed, what do you do?
Make sure they're warm enough, and ask if they need anything.
Tell them to cheer up, and to stop worrying.
Tell them to go home, and to get a good night's rest.
smiling nurse in ward
True or False: A person with a nosebleed should pinch their nose and lean forward to stop the bleeding.
frustrated Asian nurse
Further Study Needed...
Oh dear! Your results show us that your knowledge of even the most basic caregiving tasks is a little lacking. There's no need to panic though, since BabaMail's got a whole wealth of informative and instructive health articles that can help turn you into a medical guru in no time at all! If you enjoyed this quiz, then don't forget to share it with your friends and family, too!
professional medical team
The Knowledgeable Nurse
Pretty darn good! While your results aren't perfect, they show us that you've got quite a good idea of what to do in case of a medical emergency, as well as how to carry out some basic caregiving tasks. With a little more knowledge and practice, you may yet turn into this century's Florence Nightingale. If you enjoyed this quiz, then don't forget to share it with your friends and family to see if they're as sharp as you are.
golden angel wings
The Angel of Healing
Outstanding! Your medical and caregiving knowledge seemingly know no bounds! You know exactly what you should do if you witness a medical emergency, and you have no trouble when it comes to treating burns, wounds, sprains, and many other treatable injuries. Your family can sleep easy at night with the knowledge that no matter what happens, they're certainly in safe hands with you around! If you enjoyed this quiz, then don't forget to share it with your friends and family to see if they're as sharp as you are.
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