Can You Find All the Stops in Our Trip Quiz?

We'd like to invite you to go with us on a trip around the world! To keep up with us, all you have to do is follow our hints and choose our next stop correctly. If you get it wrong, you will have to start from the last level you reached (there are 3 levels). So if you get lost, don't worry, just keep going!
Our first stop is going to be the place where Napoleon Bonaparte had his final defeat. So we're going to...
Waterloo, Belgium
Leipzig, Germany
Wagram, Austria
Istanbul, Turkey
Welcome to Waterloo. We hope you enjoy the sights! Our next place to visit is where Elvis Presley's grave can be found.
Graceland, Memphis
Austin, Texas
Lakeview Cemetery, Seattle
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Welcome to Graceland, home of the King of Rock N' Roll. Our next stop is going to be the place where the lost people of the Inca left their biggest temples.
Machu Picchu, Peru
Chichen Itza, Mexico
Cairo, Egypt
Pyramid Of The Moon, Mexico
Welcome to the incredible Machu Picchu. When you've exhausted this place, our next port of call is where the bible says Jesus Christ was baptized. Where is that?
The Jordan River, Jordan side
The Dead Sea, Israel side
The Red Sea, Israel
The Mediterranean sea, Israel
Welcome to Jordan and the Jordan river! Why don't you slack your thirst before we head on to the place where King Henry VIII imprisoned his wives? That's in...
The Tower of London
Chateau D'if
Newgate Prison
Port Arthur
You've made it to the first break! Let's have a good lunch before we continue on our way. let us know when you'd like to continue on our trip.
We've come to the famous Tower of London. From here let's go somewhere more cheerful, how about the place where an Indian sultan built a monument to his love?
Taj Mahal
Aya Sofia
Burj Khalifa
Swallow's Nest Castle
Welcome to India and the magnificent Taj Mahal. From here, we will stay in Asia and go to the smallest country in South-East Asia by area.
South Korea
Welcome to the small nation of Singapore! From here, we are going to travel to the country where the Lord of the Rings movies were filmed.
New Zealand
Welcome to the beautiful land of New Zealand at the edge of the world! From here, our next stop is the least densely populated country on Earth.
Welcome to the freezing vistas of Greenland. From here we are going to visit the largest desert in the world.
Sahara Desert
Antarctic Desert
Arctic Desert
Gobi Desert
Congrats! You've made it to the second break. Let's have some dinner before we go on. Click the button when you want to continue.
Well, this place is far too cold, let's go to North America, and the state where the very first English colony was erected.
Jamestown, Virginia
Plymouth, Massachusetts
Hartford, Connecticut
New York, New York
Welcome to Virginia! From here, we thought of taking a look at the US state with the most coastline!
Welcome to Alaska, the biggest US state. It's a beautiful place. Of course, no less beautiful are the famous Angel Falls, located in...
You've reached the tallest falls on Earth! It's time for our trip to come to an end. We had so much fun! Before we head on home, our last stop will be at in the the most ancient city in the world...
Jericho, Palestinian Territories
London, England
Athens, Greece
Rome, Italy
Oops, You Got Lost On the Way!
Oops, you made a wrong choice somewhere and ended up in the wrong place! Not to worry, you can just continue from the last break you reached! So don't say die, you can still make it to the end of the trip!
You've Made It to the End!
CONGRATULATIONS! You've answered all our questions and found all the locations on the way, eventually making it through the entire trip. We hope you enjoyed yourselves, we know we did making this quiz for you. Good job on acing this test!
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