A Geography Challenge!

Welcome to another Geographical challenge. This time, we are going to ask you about cities and countries from all over the globe! You'll get some help in completing the letters, but you have to come up with the answers yourselves...
A city-state in Europe located in the French Riviera.
The capital of Colombia
Виктор В
The biggest country in Central America...
Which country's flag is this?
You'll find this country a bit south of Finland...
The point that connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea
The smallest US state...
Rhode island=R____ i_____
The capital of Sicily...
An Asian country bordering China and Russia
A country bordering on the Caspian Sea...
This country used to be called Burma...
A country in Africa located west of Madagascar...
Which country's flag is this?
The capital of Saudi Arabia...
A large city in Europe that almost burned down in 1666.
Shall We Try Again?
World geography may not be your strong suit, or you might have just forgotten what they used to teach you at school. To be honest, I can't blame you... but why not try again and remember some of your old knowledge? Alternatively, have a look at the answers by clicking on 'Show Mistakes' and also see where you went wrong.
Nice Work
You're stuck in the middle: your performance is quite good, but it isn't outstanding. Since you're so close to top notch, don't stop learning and give this quiz another try, we challenge you! Alternatively, have a look at the answers by clicking on 'Show Mistakes' and also see where you went wrong.
You Own the Globe!
Some people just know their geography, and you're definitely one of them! You feel confident not matter where you are, as you've accumulated quite a lot of knowledge about all the different places and countries in the world.
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