What Do You Know About JAMAICA?

Jamaica, the English-speaking island nation that has produced a religion, music genres, proud athletes and many popular foods and drinks. However, most people don't know that much about Jamaica other than the most famous things... What do YOU know about this country? Take our test below and prove it to us and to yourself!
How many people live in Jamaica?
Around 3 million
Around 12 million
Around 5 million
Around 1 million
What is the capital city of Jamaica?
Montego Bay
Ocho Rios
Jamaica gained independence from which country in 1962?
United Kingdom
Who is a famous Jamaican sprinter that won multiple Olympic gold medals?
Yohan Blake
Carl Lewis
Usain Bolt
Michael Johnson
What is the main export product of Jamaica?
Who were the original inhabitants of Jamaica?
Rastafarianism is a religion that was born in Jamaica during the....
True or False: Christopher Columbus landed in Jamaica himself in 1494
Which ocean surrounds Jamaica?
The Black Sea
The Caribbean Sea
The Red Sea
The Pacific Ocean
What currency is used in Jamaica?
Jamaican Dollars
Jamaican Pounds
What is the name of the tallest mountain range in Jamaica?
Blue Mountains
Catskill Mountains
Rocky Mountains
Pink Mountains
Which political party is one of the two major parties in Jamaica?
Progressive National Party
Jamaica Labour Party
Democratic Party
United Jamaica National Party
Which of these books was penned by a Jamaican author?
"The Harder They Come"
"Things Fall Apart"
"Native Son"
Which of these is a Jamaican beverage made from hibiscus flowers?
Teh Tarik
As an island, Jamaica has suffered many hurricanes, but its worst hurricane (Hurricane Gilbert) was in the year...
Still more to learn...
Looks like your knowledge of Jamaica could use a little "tune-up"! But hey, every day we learn something is a good day, right? Why not use this as an opportunity to immerse yourself in the island's rich culture, history, and flavors? You can start by diving into some reggae classics or enjoying a plate of jerk chicken to get yourself acquainted. Jamaica has a lot more to offer than just sandy beaches and sunny skies. From its spicy cuisine to its rhythmic music, there's a whole world to discover. Keep learning and you'll be acing this quiz in no time!
Not bad at all!
You've got a respectable grasp on Jamaica, its traditions, and its vibrant culture. You might not be ready to break out the Patois or whip up a batch of ackee and saltfish just yet, but you're definitely on your way. Your knowledge spans a variety of topics: geography, cuisine, and even some local slang. A few more deep dives into Jamaican literature or some binge-watching of documentaries could elevate you to the next level.
Are you JAMAICAN??
Wow, you nailed it! Your knowledge of Jamaica is rather impressive. From the intricacies of its politics to the legends of its sports to its geography - you've got it all covered. You're practically an honorary Jamaican at this point! Whether you've actually spent time on the island or you're just a dedicated aficionado, your understanding of Jamaica's rich tapestry of culture and history is commendable. It wouldn't be surprising if you have a stash of Blue Mountain Coffee at home and regularly groove to the tunes of Bob Marley or Beenie Man. Keep it up; you're a true Jamaica expert!
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