What Do You Know About Australia?

Australia, the big Western country down-under. This country is a wonder of unique landscapes, animals and geography. It's a big player in world politics these days, and stands among the leading countries in quality of life and scientific research. What do YOU know about Australia?
When was Australia 'Discovered' by Europeans?
15th century
16th century
17th century
18th century
Why is the emu and the kangaroo depicted on Australia's Commonwealth Coat of Arms?
Because they are animals that can't walk back.
Because they represent resilience to their surroundings.
Because they symbolize Australian nature.
Because the designer had a love for these animals.
Which is the largest desert in Australia?
Gibson Desert
The Great Victorian Desert
Tanami Desert
The Great Sandy Desert
Which of these famous actors is NOT Australian?
Hugh Jackman
Nicole Kidman
Sam Neill
Cate Blanchett
True or False: There are as many sheep as people in Australia
False, there are more sheep
False, there are more humans
Which of these famous music groups or singers are NOT (at least partly) Australian?
Men At Work
Pink Floyd
Kylie Miogue
Nick Cave
What is the name given to a male kangaroo?
From 2018 until now (2021), who has been the Prime Minister of Australia?
Scott Morrison
Jacinda Ardern
Christian Ntsay
Sebastian Kurz
True or False: Australia has a wild population of camels.
A very famous Australian soap opera is called 'Home and...
How many time zones are there in Australia?
What is the most populated state in Australia?
New South Wales
Western Australia
South Australia
Shall We Try Again?
It doesn't seem like you know much about Australia, as your scores were low. Maybe it just doesn't interest you, or maybe you want to learn more. In any case, Australia is a big player in the world stage these days, so a little knowledge doesn't hurt! Check your answers below to see your mistakes or try again.
Honorary Aussie
You definitely know quite a bit about Australia. You probably have some intellectual curiosity or you pay attention to the pieces of the puzzle you hear about this country. Whether you've been or not, I'm sure you'd be appreciated down under for what you know, and you can check what you don't know in the mistakes and the correct answers shown below.
Pure Aussie!
Wow, you aced this test! Are you Australian? Or maybe you've been to this continent / country before? In any case, you have an impressive knowledge of this country. We're super impressed and we guess you're either a person of the world with huge amounts of knowledge or you know a lot about Australia or both! We bow before you.
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