Can You Identify the Country by the Town?

We want to test your general knowledge of places that are unique anywhere in the world, as well as the places that sometimes even seem like they've been shaped by fairy tales. Even if you don't know your way, you may still find the answers to your questions if you go over your answers after the test is finished... If you want to fly to a certain location one day, you can start planning your next trip right now. Now, can you tell us the country?
Where is this town: Huacachina
Huacachina, also known as the "Oasis of South America", is a picturesque town surrounded by sand dunes and located in...
Where is this town: in Po
Bepo, also known as the "home of the hot springs", is a city surrounded by the sea and mountains and which attracts many tourists to its country every year...
Where is this town located: Schaffhausen
Shepshawun is a city known for the blue color of its streets. Its nickname is "Paradise on the Mountain", and it is located in...
Where is this town: Tallinn
Tallinn is considered one of the best-preserved historical cities in Europe, and it is located in...
Where is this town: Rotorua
Rotorua is a city that has over 500 geysers and mud pools, and therefore attracts hordes of tourists, but it also smells like a rotten egg. it is in...
New Zealand
Where is this town: Coober Pedy
Coober Fidi is a town that serves as a center for opal stone mining (to name), and what is unique about it is that a large part of it is underground, and it is located in...
South Africa
Where is this town: Nguru
Roberto Maxwell
Nguru is a village that is known for a huge amount of large dolls scattered all over it, and it is in...
Where is this town located: Damanhur community
The Damanhor community is an ecological spiritual commune that has become, over the years, a federation of communities with its own constitution and even currency, and it is located in...
Where is this town: Matamata
Kirk K
In Matmata the people live in caves, and they make a living mainly from tourists who come to see how they live. This town is in...
Where is this town: Whittier
The name of the town of Whittier means "town under one roof", because almost all of its 220 residents (as of 2010) live in the same building.
Where is this town: Longyearbyen
Longyearbyen is the northernmost permanent settlement in the world with more than 1,000 inhabitants, and tourists come there between May and August, because it is one of the few places where you can ride a snowmobile freely in...
Where is this town: Hallstatt under construction
Bonus: this is not a town, but a housing project called "Hallstatt", which is a replica of the village of Hallstatt in Austria. Where is he?
Where is this town: Confused tourist
It's a small world after all
It seems that you don't often travel the world, or at least not the more unusual parts, like the ones you were asked about in this test. But it is precisely these places - even though some of them are small and far from the population centers - that have become very popular among visitors, and it is highly recommended to go there to experience things and witness sights that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. You can now go over your answers and see where you went wrong and where exactly these fascinating and special places are. If you've found your next vacation destination, share the quiz with your friends and challenge them to guess what they think it is.
Where is this town: Tourist
You are a wordly person
You often travel, no less or more than the average person, but it seems that mainly in familiar and well-known places - ones where you feel safe because you know that the vacation there will be excellent. But if you want to experience something really unusual, you should sometimes travel to other regions. You already know many of them, but it seems to us that you haven't been to them yet - with the exception of one place perhaps. Now you can go through your answers and discover other countries that you may have been to before, but you certainly didn't see everything in it. If you found such a place, share the test with your friends so that they will also be exposed to it and maybe join you on a trip there.
Where is this town: Tourist
The world is your oyster!
We wouldn't be surprised if you know these places personally because you've been to some of them before, but we're sure you haven't been to all of them. Nevertheless, you plan to visit many cities, towns and villages that other tourists tend to overlook because you know that they have an authentic charm and uniqueness that cannot be found anywhere else. Now all you have to do is check where your position is in our champion table, and if you have a friend or girlfriend who you think can achieve a result as good as yours, share this test with them - we'll see if they overtake you.
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