What Do You Know About San Francisco?

San Francisco isn't one of the largest cities in the the USA, nor is it the capital city of a state. Yet, it is a city with a lot of fame to its name around the world, mainly as a beautiful and vivacious city, home to many cultures and people. How much do you know about this fascinating Californian city?
What year was the city of San Francisco founded?
What is the steep and winding street in San Francisco famous for its picturesque views?
Lombard Street
Main Street
Market Street
Filbert Street
Which natural disaster had a profound impact on San Francisco in 1906?
Civil war
What was the name of the infamous prison located on an island in the San Francisco Bay?
Rikers Island
Alcatraz Island
Angel Island
Angola Island
In what district is San Francisco's "Chinatown" located?
North Beach
Financial District
Russian Hill
Nob Hill
What major tech conference is held annually in San Francisco?
TechCrunch Disrupt
Web Summit
What popular park in San Francisco spans over 1,000 acres?
Golden Gate Park
Dolores Park
Buena Vista Park
Presidental Park
What is the name of the famous San Francisco cable car line that runs from Union Square to Fisherman's Wharf?
Van Ness Avenue Line
Powell-Mason Line
California Street Line
Powell-Hyde Line
What is the population of San Francisco?
Around 800,000
Around 2.5 million
Around 3.2 million
Around 4.9 million
In terms of population density, how does San Francisco rank among major US cities?
Which group constitutes the largest ethnic minority in San Francisco?
African Americans
Native Americans
Hispanic or Latino Americans
Asian Americans
What is the origin of the name "San Francisco"?
Named after the Christian saint
Named after the discoverer of the area
Named after a Greek word meaning: "Bay"
Named after a Latin word meaning: "Open to sea"
When was the Golden Gate Bridge built?
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