The City of London

Welcome to the Ultimate London Trivia Challenge! Are you ready to put your knowledge of this fascinating city to the test? From its ancient Roman roots to its modern-day allure, London boasts a rich history, vibrant culture, and iconic landmarks. As you embark on this exciting quiz journey, you'll delve into the city's secrets, explore its geography, and uncover lesser-known facts about its famous places and people. Whether you're a London enthusiast or a casual admirer, this quiz offers a delightful opportunity to learn more about one of the world's most captivating cities. So, let's begin and see what you truly know about this ancient city.
When was the city of London first founded by the Romans?
43 AD
322 BC
468 AD
155 BC
Which river runs through the city of London?
In what year was the Great Fire of London?
What did the Romans call London when first founded?
The Tower of London houses the Crown Jewels. Which of these is not part of the Crown Jewels?
The Imperial State Crown
St. Edward's Crown
The Magna Carta
The Sovereign's Sceptre with Cross
Approximately how many people live in the greater city of London?
About 9 million
About 5 million
About 13 million
About 3 million
Which famous London landmark was opened in 2000 and is a pedestrian-only suspension bridge?
Millennium Bridge
Tower Bridge
West-London Bridge
Waterloo Bridge
Which of the following is the tallest building in London?
The Shard
BT Tower
The Gherkin
One Canada Square
Which London museum is dedicated to human history, art, and culture?
British Museum
Natural History Museum
Tate Modern
Science Museum
What is the name of the famous square in London where you can find the National Gallery?
Piccadilly Circus
Trafalgar Square
Covent Garden
Leicester Square
In which London borough can you find the famous Globe Theatre, associated with William Shakespeare?
City of Westminster
Borough of Southwark
Borough of Camden
Royal Borough of Greenwich
Which London park is famous for its Speaker's Corner?
Hyde Park
Regent's Park
St. James's Park
Greenwich Park
What is the name of the official residence of the British monarch in London?
Buckingham Palace
Kensington Palace
Windsor Castle
St. James's Palace
Which cathedral was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and survived the Blitz during World War II?
St. Paul's Cathedral
Westminster Abbey
Southwark Cathedral
Brompton Oratory
Which famous London market is known for its food stalls and gourmet products?
Camden Market
Borough Market
Portobello Road Market
Brick Lane Market
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