Do You Speak Pirate?

Pirates were a strange class of criminal, one that built its own culture and even slang language. Are you familiar with the slang phrases of the pirate age? Have you been watching Pirates of the Caribbean and have a fantastic memory? Then we invite you to beat our quiz!
What is a 'cat-o'-nine-tails'?
An animal
A whip
A ship
A cannon
What are you doing if you're 'dancing the hempen jig'?
You're hanging from a noose
You're fighting the enemy on the ropes of the ship
You're trying not to get hit by hail
You're trying to get ice off the ropes without slipping
If you're asking someone if they 'savvy' - what do you mean?
Do they understand what I'm saying?
Are they smart people?
Are they trying to pull one over me?
Are they experienced sailors?
If I say "Shiver Me Timbers" What emotion am I expressing?
What does it mean to 'feed the fish'?
Casting someone overboard
Throwing bad food overboard
Throwing bread to the fish for luck
Baptizing the sailors before a catholic ship goes on its journey
What is the 'Dead Man's Chest'?
A coffin
An empty box where food is stored
An emergency box for survivors of a shipwreck
Each sailor's locker
What is another name for the hangman?
Black Bart
Scarlet Pimpernel
Jack Ketch
John Quelch
What would pirates call empty bottles?
Naked ladies
Dead men
Stinky fish
What is a 'cackle fruit'?
A chicken egg
An apple
An apricot
A gold coin
Who was a 'powder monkey'?
The one who sweeps the deck
The one who helps reload the cannon
The one who fires the cannon
The one who spots land
What was the 'poop deck' ?
The lowest deck on the ship
The top deck of the ship
An outside rail sailors hang on to
The sailors' sleeping chambers
What is a 'caulker'?
An alcoholic drink taken after a drinking bout
A drink to celebrate a victory at sea.
A celebratory cannon fired to indicate victory
The man who cleans the decks and kitchen
What was a 'Yellow Jack' flag?
A flag indicating there is a disease onboard
A flag indicating neutrality
A flag indicating the pirates will show no mercy
A flag indicating the pirates will only take ransom not lives
Not Very Fluent
You still have some ways to go before you can head on to the nearest time machine and make a visit to pirate times - you wouldn't understand them! As feasible as that is, don't feel bad, this slang hasn't been in use for centuries!
Can Get Around in Pirate Times
Not bad for a slang that's been out of style for several centuries now! If there's a time machine around, jump in it and go visit some pirates. You would understand quite a bit of what is going on, apparently, so you needn't worry. That said, you still have some slang to learn, but I'm sure they'll be happy to teach you!
So Savvy
You understand it all, from the small words to the big phrases, you can head on right now to the nearest time machine, visit pirate times and fit in just fine! You may need a change of clothing and a few less teeth, but at least you'll be able to have a conversation. Congratulations on acing our quiz!
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