Can You Define These Beautiful Words?

There are so many beautiful words in English we don't use anymore, mainly because they've become 'fancy', by which we mean most people only read or write these words, but rarely utter them. Do you know the meaning of these beautiful English words?
What does the word GOSSAMER mean?
A fine, filmy substance
A person who can't abide gossip
An old word for a gardener
What does the word INURE mean?
Getting used to something bad
Blessing a person with oil
Another word for inoculation
What does the word LANGUOR mean?
Being tired in a pleasant way
A person who traces back language
Being close to death
What does the word PANACEA mean?
A remedy for all woe
Something that is common to all humans
The supercontinent we had when all continents were one
What does the word MELLIFLUOUS mean?
A pleasant sound to hear
An evil deed or intent
A quiet, tranquil person
What does the word INEFFABLE mean?
Too great to describe in words
Unable to make a mistake
A person unable to make a decision
What does the word NADIR mean?
Lowest point
Something rare
A Muslim wife
What does the word PETRICHOR mean?
That smell that lingers after the rain
Something terrifying
An old word for dinosaur
What does the word IRIDESCENT mean?
Showing many colors that change as you change angles
A mixture of rich smells, such as in a marketplace
Something that grows from the ground vertically
What does the word EPHEMERAL mean?
Lasting a short time
The state of being in heaven
The sense of dreaming
What does the word RACONTEUR mean?
A person who is good at telling anecdotes
A fraudster of large proportions
A person who smuggles things through tunnels
What does the word SUMPTUOUS mean?
Something splendid and extravagant
A person who has eaten to bursting
A person who is too innocent and oblivious
What does the word AESTHETE mean?
A person who has a special appreciation for beauty and art
A person who has both physical beauty and intelligence
A person who used to be an athlete
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