Which Famous Book Character Are You?

If you love books and have read many over the course of your life, then you MUST have wondered: "Which character would I be?" Well, this quiz is about to answer that question for you. Out of six literary characters, we will tell you which one you are. All you have to do is answer the following questions honestly!
What Kind of Home Would You Be Most Comfortable In?
Somewhere small, cozy and dark
A house that is somewhere green with animals
An apartment in the middle of the city
A mansion
A messy but totally original house
A townhouse
Pick a Drink...
Raspberry Tea
Which of these is most important to you?
Intellectualism and Understanding
Happiness and family
Fun and having a laugh
Serving a greater purpose
What kind of leisure activity do you enjoy?
Clubs and fancy restaurants
A horse ride through the country
Smoking my pipe and watch life go by
Doing mischievous things and laughing my head off
A cocktail party filled with fabulous people
Pick a tool you'd find useful.
Magnifying Glass
Fancy Car
What do you see as your biggest challenge?
To do what I need to do without fear
To make people think what I want them to
Solving the mysteries of life
Getting rich
Make other people laugh
To live a happy life
How trustworthy are you?
I'm very trustworthy
I'm quite trustworthy
I am NOT trustworthy
Pick a Food:
Glazed Ham
A Danish
A Loaf of Bread
Baked Apple Pie
What Comes First to Mind When We Say the Word: "Magic"?
Sleight of hand
A Wink and a Smile
How do you get along with children?
I love children and have always been a child at heart
I love entertaining children and making them laugh
I enjoy children but haven't been around that many
Children just get in the way, I much prefer adults
I would like to have some one day, when I quit having fun
What kind of books do you like the most?
Mystery and murder
High adventure
Children's books and merry tales
A good romance novel
From rags to riches story
Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)
Jay Gatsby is a complicated figure. Like him, you are probably charming, verbose, and a terrific dresser. Your sense of style is eclipsed only by your personal charm and sophisticated exterior. However, there is a fire burning inside you, an obsession. It may be an obsession with love, an obsession with getting rich, or a celebrated career. Whatever it is, something inside you pushes you without rest to achieve these goals and make yourself into someone superior. Our advice is to slow down and take a look around before obsessively chasing something. Remember the story of Moby Dick; obsession leads nowhere good...
Sherlock Holmes
Like the greatest detective in the world, you are analytical, curious, intellectual, and relentless. You know what you want, and you go for it. No mystery holds very long under your scrutiny, and no subject is too intellectual or philosophical for you. You can discuss any topic with some familiarity, and your analytical and extremely logical mind often balks at the emotions and panic of those around you. They, in turn, love the confidence in yourself you have; it is an attractive and comforting quality. You like to work hard as well as celebrate hard.
Frodo Baggins (Lord of the Rings)
Like Frodo, you are a sensitive person. You love your friends, are extremely loyal to those you care about, and have a quiet about you that most people do not understand. It is not the quiet of a person without words, but the quiet of a person who thinks things through and in-depth. You may look innocent or weak to some people, but that's because they haven't gotten to know you. They don't know that deep inside you is a steely place, a place that will not bow, rust, or stop. You are relentless when you feel like the goal justifies it, and you are willing to risk everything for the ones you love. You have the makings of a real hero, because there is no limit to what you are willing to do when the stakes are high enough.
Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables)
You're a happy, go-lucky person. You love nature, and it makes you happy. You love being surrounded by green things. You love animals, mystery, and adventure. You love reading and watching people do incredible things, and you're definitely a people person. That said, it makes you sad sometimes, how the world outside doesn't sit right with your desire for a more beautiful and happier world, but you perk up quickly and go enjoy something else. You are a force of life, and you bring light to every dinner, laughter to every silence, and a great big comfort to those who care about you.
The Cat in the Hat
You are NOT a typical person, oh no. After you God pretty much made no copies. Yours is an incredibly free and chaotic soul. You have fun like no one else. You laugh and celebrate and dance and sing for longer than most people can, and you enjoy every second of it, as long as the company is good. You have an undying child inside you with a penchant for tricks and practical jokes but also a deep love for everything innocent, child-like and pure. You get bored very quickly with most things, and you always need to have something new on the horizon to look forward to. Sometimes the impetus of your nature gets you into trouble, but you're incredibly good at finding your way out of it, mostly due to your charm.
Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany's)
Life is a confusing mess, isn't it? There is so much you want out of it, but at times you just don't seem to be able to get closer to the things you really want. Yours is a free spirit, and yours is also limited patience for the stupidity of others. Like Holly, you speak your mind and see silence as a wasted effort. You will not be told what to think, to feel, or to wear. You are your own person, and that is extremely important to you. You may have a great sense of style and a great appreciation for art and beauty. You are also quite ambitious for your sake, dreaming of riches, a comfortable existence, and a home to call your own.
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