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“Why Did You Do That To Your Car?” - Funny Car Designs

As a car owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is well taken care of. Sometimes, it requires servicing. Sometimes, it needs a fresh paint job. And occasionally, a design change can really make your car stand out. However, some car owners go a little far when it comes to designing their cars. As you will see in the pictures below, these are some of the most bizarre and wacky car designs that you will come across on the streets. Our question is - which of these weird cars would you dare to ride?

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1. Well, that's certainly not a 'Beetle' anymore

Weird Cars, volkswagen beetle

2. Is this supposed to be a pen? Or a bullet? Can you tell us?

Weird Cars,

3. Perfect design for camouflaging your car in the jungles

Weird Cars, nature-theme

4. We get it. You really love shoes 

Weird Cars, shoes 

5. Now this is what you can call a 'Vanvertible' 

Weird Cars, Vanvertible

6. What is that pointy thing for? 

Weird Cars, design

7. When you are obsessed with aliens and UFOs

Weird Cars, UFOs

8. We don't even know how to describe this one 

Weird Cars,

9. Another one built perfectly for the forests 

Weird Cars, forest

10. Be honest. Would you take a ride in this one? 

Weird Cars, long car

11. Now, that's a classic vintage car!

Weird Cars, vintage car

12. This one will take you straight to the future it seems 

Weird Cars, futuristic

13. When you just can't let go of your home

Weird Cars, home

14. "Hey, what are you looking at, huh? 

Weird Cars, cartoonish
All images source: Izismile
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