Royalty in the 20th Century

Welcome to our engaging quiz on 20th-century royalty! The 1900s were a period of immense change and upheaval for monarchies worldwide. From abdications and revolutions to the redefinition of royal roles, this century saw the end of some dynasties and the modernization of others. Test your knowledge on pivotal moments, significant events, and the enduring legacies of royal families. Whether you're a history buff or just curious about the past, these 15 questions will challenge and intrigue you. Dive in and see how well you know the royals who shaped the last century!
Which king of the United Kingdom abdicated the throne in 1936?
George V
Edward VIII
George VI
Edward VII
Who was the last Emperor of Russia, executed by the Bolsheviks in 1918?
Alexander III
Nicholas II
Peter II
Ivan VI
What major event in 1917 significantly affected the royal families of Europe, leading to the fall of multiple monarchies?
World War I
The Great Depression
The Russian Revolution
The giving of voting rights to women
Which country voted to abolish its monarchy in a 1946 referendum, transitioning to a republic?
Which king of Greece was deposed in 1967 during a military coup and officially abolished in 1973?
Constantine I
George II
Paul I
Constantine II
What year did the British royal family officially adopt the surname Windsor, replacing the German-sounding House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha?
Which country experienced a revolution in 1910 that led to the end of its monarchy and the establishment of a republic?
Who was the longest-reigning monarch of Thailand, passing away in 2016 after 70 years on the throne?
Rama XI
Rama I
Rama II
Rama IX
Which Spanish king was restored to the throne in 1975 after the death of dictator Francisco Franco?
Juan Carlos I
Alfonso XIII
Felipe VI
Juan III
Who was the last Shah of Iran, deposed during the Iranian Revolution of 1979?
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
Reza Shah
Mohammad Mosaddegh
Hassan Rouhani
Which Dutch queen abdicated in 1980, passing the throne to her daughter Beatrix?
Who was the king of Italy during World War II, ultimately abdicating in 1946?
Umberto I
Humbert I
Victor Emmanuel III
Ferdinand I
Which Commonwealth realm was established in 1947 and no longer recognizes the British monarch as its ceremonial head of state?
New Zealand
Who became the king of Spain in 2014 after his father's abdication?
Juan Carlos I
Felipe VI
Alfonso XIII
Juan III
Who became Emperor of Japan in 1989, ushering in the Heisei era?
More to Learn
You’ve got some knowledge about 20th-century royalty, but there’s still room to grow. The 1900s were a tumultuous time for monarchies, with many dramatic changes and significant events. Keep exploring the fascinating stories of kings, queens, and royal families, and you’ll soon become more familiar with the intricacies of their histories. Keep studying, and you'll be a royal expert in no time!
Well Done
Great job! You have a solid understanding of the key events and figures that shaped royalty in the 20th century. Your knowledge of abdications, revolutions, and royal traditions is impressive. Keep up the good work and continue to delve into the fascinating world of monarchies. With just a bit more study, you’ll be ready to claim the title of a true royalty expert!
Royalty Expert
Congratulations! You are a true expert on 20th-century royalty. Your impressive knowledge of the events, figures, and transformations that defined monarchies during this period is outstanding. You have a deep understanding of the complex and intriguing world of royalty. Keep sharing your expertise and passion for history, and continue exploring the captivating stories of kings, queens, and royal families. Well done!
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