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These Marine Species Are Known For Being Gentle & Amiable

The sea is filled with some of the most amazing and fascinating creatures. While the world beneath the sea can often appear to be so overwhelming and scary, you would be surprised by the kind of friendly life that exists underneath those waters. Here, we will show you some of nature’s friendliest underwater creatures. From dolphins and sea turtles to seals and whale sharks, we bet you would love to be friends with these adorable sea animals.  

1. Dolphins (Delphinidae)

Adorable Sea Animals, Dolphins
Dolphins have a reputation for being friendly. These cute marine stars are very curious and intelligent animals but are also known as one of the happiest creatures on earth. They are typically not afraid of human interaction and get along well with them.

2. Beluga Whales (Delphinapterus leucas)

Adorable Sea Animals, Beluga Whales
Apart from being unbelievably adorable to look at, Beluga whales are also quite friendly. They live in the Arctic Ocean and its nearby seas in the Northern Hemisphere. These whales have often been spotted in front of speedboats where they even let humans pat them or rub their belly. 

3. Sea Turtles (Chelonioidea)

Adorable Sea Animals, Sea Turtles
Sea turtles are cute, friendly, and just so endearing. These marine reptiles belong to the superfamily Chelonioidea and are known to be pretty gentle when they aren’t harmed. This is the main reason why snorkeling with sea turtles has become one of the most popular sea attractions around the world.

4. Manatees (Trichechus)

Adorable Sea Animals, manatees
Manatees are often called “gentle giants” and for good reason. They're slow-moving, peaceful creatures and are basically the cows of the ocean. In fact, these animals often flock toward human activity in search of warmth. Manatees have often been seen nuzzling divers underwater, demonstrating their friendliness.  

5. Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae)

Adorable Sea Animals, Humpback Whales
Humpback whales are described by many as amazing Buddhist warriors. While they are generally quite peaceful, these large whales also protect other species in distress. They don’t just defend their own babies, but also intervene on behalf of other species.

6. Seals (Pinnipedia)

Adorable Sea Animals, Seals
While they are strong, powerful, and have sharp teeth, seals are unlikely to ever harm you without a reason. Seals can be quite playful and incredibly gentle. Bear in mind, though, that while these animals do like to play with humans, that doesn’t mean we should get too close to them or try to touch them.

7. Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus)

Adorable Sea Animals, Whale Shark
Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world and despite being a species of shark, these sea creatures are so gentle that they are considered big, friendly giants of the ocean. It’s completely safe for humans to swim around them and many tour operators arrange such tours with a special guide in tow. 

8. Porpoises (Phocoenidae)

Adorable Sea Animals, Porpoises
Image source: YouTube
Many people incorrectly believe that a dolphin is a porpoise and vice versa. While both of them are air-breathing, warm-blooded marine mammals dolphins and porpoises are different species, and even belong to separate genera. The one thing similar between the two is their playful nature. In fact, a few years back, a friendly porpoise even helped rescue a man who was lost at sea for 30 hours. The porpoise bumped the man gently when he had given up all hope and kept rubbing against him until he felt inspired and hopeful to look for help. The man was eventually rescued and remains extremely grateful to the friendly porpoise.

9. Sunfish (Mola mola)

Adorable Sea Animals, Sunfish
They might look a little unusual but ocean sunfish are naturally curious and friendly. They are massive and have a voracious diet. However, they are amiable too, and are often seen interacting with scuba divers. Ocean sunfish can be found in tropical and temperate waters all around the world.

10. Yoriko (Semicossyphus reticulates)

Adorable Sea Animals, Yoriko
Image source: Reddit
Also known as the Asian sheepshead wrasse, they are a species of wrasse with a great bulbous chin and an amazing forehead. While not much is known about this strange-looking fish, they have shown tendencies to be quite friendly towards humans. In fact, a Japanese diver Hiroyuki Arakawa has become famous for sharing a nearly 30-year long friendship with a Yoriko he met in an underwater Shinto shrine.
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