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Weird Architecture: 12 Unusual Buildings

Our cities today are surrounded by numerous magnificent and iconic structures that take our breath away. This list, on the other hand, features some rather peculiar buildings that you are unlikely to have never seen before. From a building that sings in the rain to one that looks like a pair of dancers, these weird and wonderful structures are sure to blow your mind. Take a look.

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1. The "Maison Fond", or the melting house, is a sculpture by the Argentinian sculptor, Leandro Erlich. It was made as a symbol of climate change.

WEIRDEST Buildings, melting house

2. This upside-down house in Brighton, the UK, is a museum of illusions.

WEIRDEST Buildings, upside-down house

3. The "Dancing House" in Prague was designed in 1992 by the Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunić. The house resembles a pair of dancers.

WEIRDEST Buildings, Dancing House

4. Cube houses in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. These innovative structures were designed by architect Piet Blom. Each of these unique houses represents a tree and all the houses together are supposed to depict a forest.

WEIRDEST Buildings, Cube houses

5. An extremely skinny block of flats in London. Nicknamed the 'Thin House,' this building measures only six feet (1.8 m) at its narrowest point.

WEIRDEST Buildings, skinny block of flats

6. The fascinating 'Keep Memory Alive Event Center' in Las Vegas was designed by the world-renowned architect Frank Gehry.

WEIRDEST Buildings, Keep Memory Alive Event Center

7. The 'House on the Boardwalk' in Tel Aviv, Israel, was designed by a professor who had originally sketched it for a 1980s newspaper column. A local entrepreneur loved the bizarre design and helped bring it to life.

WEIRDEST Buildings, House on the Boardwalk

8. This 821-foot-tall (250 m), 57-story skyscraper in New York City looks like a big Jenga game.

WEIRDEST Buildings, skyscraper

9. Is it just me or does this building in Batumi, Georgia, look like it has a face?

WEIRDEST Buildings, Batumi

10. The Selfridges Building in Birmingham, UK, is part of a shopping center, and it looks like it’s covered in bubble wrap. Ever since its construction in 2003, the structure has become a distinctive architectural landmark of Birmingham.

WEIRDEST Buildings, Selfridges Building

11. The front of this house in Dresden, Germany, is embellished with an elaborate network of drains that create delightful music when it rains.

WEIRDEST Buildings, music

12. The Athenaeum Hotel in London is partially covered in plants. It was built circa 1849 by Henry Pelham-Clinton, the 6th Duke of Newcastle. 

WEIRDEST Buildings, Athenaeum Hotel
Source of all images: Izismile 
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