Which "Fact" is a FAKE?

In this trivia challenge, we're going to present you with 3 facts in each question. Your job will be to identify the FALSE fact from the two true ones. Think you can do it? Then let's put you to the test!
Which Fact is FALSE?
McDonald’s once made bubblegum-flavored broccoli
The first oranges weren’t orange
The first model car had 12 wheels
Which Fact is FALSE?
The longest English word is 189,819 letters long
Armadillo shells are bulletproof
By definition a snake’s body is a limb
Which Fact is FALSE?
Kleenex tissues were originally intended for gas masks
The “Windy City” name has nothing to do with Chicago's weather
England’s biggest horticultural export is the watermelon
Which Fact is FALSE?
Blue whales eat half a million calories in one mouthful
There’s only one U.S. state capital without a McDonald’s
Gold nuggets were named after chicken nuggets – not the other way around
Which Fact is FALSE?
Cap’n Crunch’s full name is Horatio Magellan Crunch
Penicillin was first called “mold juice”
There's a lizard that can fly as high as an eagle
Which Fact is FALSE?
The French-language Scrabble World Champion doesn’t speak French
Pigeon poop is the property of the British Crown
The first sunglasses were actually animal skin scraped so thin that it became transparent
Which Fact is FALSE?
Baseball umpires used to sit in rocking chairs
Beethoven never knew how to multiply or divide
The word ‘Loanshark’ was originally, ‘Loans, hark’.
Which Fact is FALSE?
The word aquarium means “watering place for cattle” in Latin
The Terminator script was sold for $1
One of the rings of Saturn is almost pure silver dust
Which Fact is FALSE?
Ancient Egyptians put dead mice in their mouths to ease toothaches
The inventor of the microwave appliance only received $2 for his discovery
A furlong was defined as the distance a mule can run in two minutes
Which Fact is FALSE?
Bees can fly higher than Mount Everest
Only a quarter of the Sahara Desert is sandy
Otters have been known to coat stones with fish scales to lure in birds
Which Fact is FALSE?
Cows don’t have upper front teeth
Turkeys can blush
Once a year all of Wikipedia is printed off and placed in a vault in Norway
Which Fact is FALSE?
There were active volcanoes on the moon when dinosaurs were alive
T. S. Eliot wore green makeup
The National Library of Singapore uses woven human hair for bookmarks to preserve the condition of the pages
Which Fact is FALSE?
No number before 1,000 contains the letter A
Theodore Roosevelt had a pet hyena
Napoleon was ashamed of his nipples and refused to let anyone see them, even during medical treatments
Which Fact is FALSE?
Abraham Lincoln lost five separate elections before he became president of the U.S.
There are 2,000 thunderstorms on Earth every minute.
The shoes of King Edward IV were weighted with lead to make his walk seem more imposing
Which Fact is FALSE?
Carrots weren't always orange: they were once exclusively purple.
A cow-bison hybrid is called a “beefalo”
The founders of Johnson & Johnson were not related
Want to Try Again?
This test is pretty tricky, and most of these facts are not well known, so we can't blame you for striking out a bit. That said, there's always time to try again, armed with a bit more knowledge this time.
Not Bad!
You have either great knowledge or a great brain or probably both, you've found a large part of the false facts even though we tried our best to make them believable. Really good job, but you still have some room for improvement...
Aren't We Know-It-Alls?
And we're glad you are! What a superb display, good for you! You must have a pretty great memory and/or a sense of unfailing logic that utilizes what you know of the world and allowed you to 'sniff out' the wrong facts. Congrats on acing our quiz!
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