Can You Complete These Famous Quotes?

Good quotes help us understand life and the experiences we go through, often holding a lot of wisdom or philosophy in just one well worded sentence. Can you complete all 12 of these famous quotes? Prove it!
Complete this quote by Robert Frost
it goes on.”
it is short.”
it cares not.”
born, love, die.”
Complete this quote by Winston Churchill
with no loss of enthusiasm."
and never giving up."
and learning from each one."
and building success from them."
Complete this quote by Henry Ford
you're right."
do the work."
life doesn't care."
only results will decide."
Complete this quote by Henry David Thoreau
too busy to be looking for it."
too busy to enjoy it."
too cruel to use it well."
undeserving of it.'
Complete this quote by Mark Twain
remember anything.”
fear anything."
say good things."
bother with fake people."
Complete this quote by Oscar Wilde
nothing annoys them so much.”
you may yet make allies."
and stab them when they aren't looking."
a man can drown in hate."
Complete this quote by Elvis Presley
you don't come back for an encore."
so rock and roll while you can."
so enjoy all it has to offer."
so sing each song like it's your last."
Complete this quote by Margaret Mead
Just like everyone else."
We all are, in different ways."
there is no template for me."
perfect in every way."
Complete this quote by Robert Louis Stevenson
the seeds that you plant."
the love you plant in your family."
the smiles of your children."
the work you've done."
Complete this quote by Aristotle
must focus to see the light."
must help others see."
can see ourselves most clearly."
find, at last, our way."
Complete this quote by Helen Keller
nothing at all."
a waste of time."
a celebration of depravity."
an excuse to fail."
Complete this quote by the Dalai Lama
to be happy."
to avoid suffering."
to improve ourselves."
to make others happy."
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