Do You Know the Big Stars of the 70s?

 Ah, the seventies. That decade had the real lowdown on how to get good vibes, can you dig it? In this quiz, we're going to show you twelve 1970s stars, and ask you to identify them. Let's see how good your visual recall memory is, as well as some use of logic if you don't exactly remember...
Who is this woman on the right?
Raquel Welsh
Goldie Hawn
Morgan Fairchild
Kirstie Alley
Who is this man?
Paul Newman
Al Pacino
Robert Redford
Robert Duvall
Who is this man on the left?
Charles Bronson
Pierce Brosnan
Harrison Ford
Jack Nicholson
Who is this man?
Robert Redford
John Hillerman
James Caan
Michael Murphy
Who is this man?
Paul Newman
Robert Redford
Dustin Hoffman
Ned Beatty
Who is this woman?
Farrah Fawcett
Morgan Fairchild
Lynda Carter
Olivia Newton-John
Who is this woman?
Julie Andrews
Jane Seymour
Bo Derek
Cheryl Tiegs
Who is this woman?
Diana Sands
Rosalind Cash
Pam Grier
Tamara Dobson
Who is this man?
Woody Allen
Richard Dreyfuss
Peter Falk
Elliott Gould
Who is this woman?
Faye Dunaway
Raquel Welch
Jane Seymour
Bo Derek
Who is this man?
Steve McQueen
Laurence Olivier
Clint Eastwood
Gene Hackman
Who is this boy?
Ricky Schroder
Donny Osmond
Lance Kerwin
Harvey Stephens
Try Again
Oh dear! It seems that you're not that familiar with the icons of the 70s. However, there's no need to fret, as we've got plenty of articles, quizzes and music boxes from this wonderful decade, right here on Baba-Mail! That's why anyone who's got an interest in this decade can end up becoming an expert in the subject in no time at all!
You Remember Those 70s!
Well done! It's seems that you know the icons of the 70s like the back of your hand. People who get scores in this test similar to your own tend to question everything, and learn at least one new thing every day! You also have a superior memory, and are particularly intelligent, because you're aware of the fact that the more you learn, the more your personality will develop!
The 70s Never Left!
Way to go! Your impressive score shows that your mental radar is working full time, all the time! People who get scores in this test similar to your own tend to remember everything that happens to them, and exactly when and where it happened. Your mind makes the past feel like the present, and it makes memories from years ago feel emotionally intense. Go you!
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