What's Your Memory Type?

There are many types of memory. The kind that remembers events (episodic) the one that remembers facts (factual), as well as lots of others. One good way of checking your memory is testing your attention to detail. Are you ready? So lets begin!
Look carefully at the next images. Try to remember as many details as you can.
Let's put your memory to the test. Have you seen this image before?
Have you seen this little girl before?
What was in the original picture?
How many people were in this painting?
Which famous self portrait appeared before?
In "The Birth of Venus", Venus is seen standing on:
A Seashell
A Flower
A Wave
Which flag was held high in the original "Liberty Leading the People" painting?
And finally...Which is the real Van Gogh self-portrait?
Exceptional Photographic Memory
When it comes to remembering minute details, your brain has the rare ability to recall images, sounds and objects, even after a very short exposure to them. This utterly amazing quality has helped you throughout your life. You were one of those enviable students who didn't need to study and after only one glance at the books, got the best grade in your class. You never forget a face or a voice and no one can ever forget you and how gifted you are.
Great Long Term Memory
Your brain has an incredibly special skill. It can store a lot of information for extended periods of time. This ability helps you remember subjects you learned as a kid, experiences you've gone through, and especially, lessons you've learned along the way. It might affect your short-term memory sometimes, but when you set your mind on remembering an experience or a subject, you can never forget it.
Processed Memory
Your brain has the ability to process a lot of information in a very short time. For example: you've always been particularly good at doing multiple things at the same time. This ability is a direct result of your "processed memory". Your mind is set in an incredibly unique way, and you should always strive to perfect it. It sure can be nice to multitask, but you could do so much more with this gift. Challenge yourself, push yourself, and you'll never look back.
Strong Emotional Memory
You have a very developed "Emotional Memory". It means that you have the power to remember situations and subjects by the emotions you felt during those times. For example: While other people struggle to remember most of their childhood, you can remember it just by thinking of the excitement you felt on a Christmas morning, or the joy of playing with some of your best friends. Everything we've gone through in life is backed by a certain level of emotion, and you have the power to go through these memories just by involving your heart.
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