Alice and Dorothy: A Children's Book Test!

Many people mention Alice in Wonderland and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in the same breath, and it's not really surprising. Both have a young girl as the hero of the story, who comes to a fantastical land and goes through many bizarre adventures. So, in honor of that connection, we're going to test your knowledge of both!
Who wrote "Alice in Wonderland"?
Lewis Carrol
Frank Baum
Roald Dahl
C.S. Lewis
When was "The Wizard of Oz" written?
How did Alice get to Wonderland?
She fell through a hole
A tornado took her house
She found a secret door
She made a wish
In "The Wizard of Oz", how does Dorothy defeat the evil witch?
Pours a bucket of water on her
Exposes her standing behind a curtain
Tricks her to get into an oven
Throws her off the top of the mountain
What is the name of the Wizard of Oz's city?
Emerald City
Jade City
City of Oz
The Floating City
In Alice in Wonderland, what kind of soldiers does the queen have?
Card soldiers
Chess pieces
Checkers pieces
Flower soldiers
What is the name of Dorothy's dog?
Tau Tau
When was "Alice in Wonderland" written?
Who wrote "The Wizard of Oz"?
Frank Baum
Frank Herbert
C.S Lewis
Lewis Carrol
What is the name of the sequel to "Alice in Wonderland"?
Alice Through the Looking-Glass
Alice Saves Wonderland
The Road Back to Wonderland
Alice and the Wonderful Wonderland
Who played Dorothy in the 1939 movie "The Wizard of Oz"?
Judy Garland
Bette Davis
Joan Crawford.
Rita Hayworth
When was the animated Disney movie, "Alice in Wonderland", released?
What color are the shoes Dorothy gets as she gets to the Land of Oz?
In "Alice in Wonderland", who is the mad hatter having a tea party with?
A march hare and a sleepy rodent
A black knight and a white knight
A duchess and a pig-faced baby
The queen of hearts and her husband the king of hearts
In "The Wizard of Oz", which of these things wasn't asked of the Wizard of Oz?
A brain
A heart
What game does Alice play with the queen?
True or False: The sequel to "The Wizard of Oz" was written only because thousands of children wrote the author wanting a sequel
What happens just a moment before Alice wakes up at the end of the book?
She grows enormous during the trials of the prince of hearts
She is lead to the hanging noose by the mad hatter
She finds the white rabbit and runs back to the hole
She fights a dragon and cuts off its head
You Don't Know That Much
You MUST know these famous stories, but it could be it has been too long since you've actually read the books or seen the movies. There is always a second try...
Not Bad at All!
You know quite a bit about these books, but you're not a crazed fan. You know the important stuff, which is what you liked about these great stories. There is still some room for improvement, if you'd like to try again...
You ACED It!
You LOVE these stories, don't you? If you're like us, you surely do and that explains your phenomenal knowledge about the subject. You were there with Alice in her Wonderland and there with Dorothy as she landed in the Land of Oz. You probably read these as a child and loved them. Kudos for acing our quiz!
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