Harry Potter Quiz: Which House Are You?

The world of Harry Potter is perhaps one of the most popular fictional worlds ever created. Far beyond the author's books, the world has been developed and investigated. One of the most interesting parts is the division of houses in Hogwarts School of Wizardry. Between the four of them, each representing different attributes, where do you think you'll find yourself? Well, answer our questions for a spell and we'll tell you!
You've found a wounded eagle's chick, what do you do?
Take it on a journey to find its mother
Nurse it back to health and adopt it as a pet
Nurse it back to health and keep it for studying
Nurse it to health and train it to be my hunting eagle
You are competing for a job with a member of your team, how will you get the job?
By sacrificing my time and effort, may the best person win!
I'd find new, smarter ways of conducing the work so I get noticed
I'd watch my opponent carefully for weaknesses and then use my knowledge against them
What would be a good career for you? (or the least objectionable)
Politician or leader
High ranking officer
A chef
Choose an animal you feel kinship to...
What is more important to you in a spouse?
That they are supportive and want the same things as I do
That they challenge me in different ways
That they have good hearts and are kind
That they are hardworking and loyal
What kind of books or movies do you enjoy reading or watching the most?
Complex thrillers and mysteries
Action and adventure with a strong lead character
Documentaries and non-fiction fascinate me most
Give me a good comedy every time
Imagine you are in a royal court of the Middle Ages, who are you?
A righteous king or queen
The eldest prince or princess
The highest councilor for the monarch
The master of ceremony
The head of the king's or queen's guard
Choose the image that is closest to how it feels being you
Which famous personality do you feel kinship to?
Niccolò Machiavelli
Marie Curie
Abraham Lincoln
Serena Williams
When you see the words "bad ambition", what comes to mind first?
All ambition is good ambition
Ambition to make money
Ambition to benefit yourself and no one else
Ambition to have power over other people
Ambition is bad
How important is it to you to be surrounded by people who are witty and charming?
It's a little important, but I'll do without as long as we think alike
Not that important, as long as they're good people
Not important at all. I prefer more direct, simply spoken people
They don't have to be charming, but a little wit goes a long way...
I only surround myself with charming, witty people
You are a Gryffndorian! That means that antiquated notions such as loyalty, bravery and chivalry are still great ideals for you to maintain and adore. Those picked for Gryffindor are those brave souls who would throw themselves at the enemy without hesitation to save those they love. They are courteous, kind and are set on "helpful" as their default mode! Not to mention, this is the house Harry and his friends belong to, so you KNOW you're in good company.
You belong in Slytherin house! Now, before you revolt, let us explain. It is true that in Harry Potter's time, most of the evil characters were in Slytherin, but that does not mean it is not a noble house with its own strengths and, yes, good people too. <br><br>As a member of Slytherin, you have boundless ambition, to be the fastest, smartest, most successful or just plain good at stuff. You have a strong work ethic, you're cunning and often find creative ways to use your advantages. You are resourceful and adaptable, and can find good in almost any bad situation. These traits do attract some of the jerks of this world, but not only. Without ambitious people, there would never be a Hogwarts to begin with. <br><br> That said, there are risks, such as getting too ambitious, disloyalty and too many machinations. Beware getting hoisted with your own petard.
According to your answers, you belong in Hufflepuff! This is a less known house than the others, but it is nonetheless an important house with its own pride. As a Hufflepuffian, you treasure loyalty and hard work, You respect all manner of jobs, as long as the person doing it is working hard at it. You're an incredible loyal friend and family member, you're dedicated and honest. As such, you probably don't get along with people who are careless with their words, make false promises or try to manipulate others. Through it all, you remain humble, for that is the Hufflepuff way. <br><br> Sometimes members of this house suffer from a lack of ambition or have self-doubts. This is what comes from being honest about your ideals.
According to your answers, you belong in house Ravenclaw! To be a member of this house, you are probably a curious person, always wanting to know more than you do. You have academic tendencies, whether you've acted on them or not, and would do well as a researcher or teacher. In addition, you're a highly individualized person who doesn't like to just 'go with the flow' but pride yourself on doing your own thinking. You're highly creative and may come up with solutions others simply don't see. <br><br> The risks involved in being in this house are mostly about being disconnected and arrogant. One can become too self assured of their own mind and it may cause feelings of isolation. Don't let that happen to you, appreciate people for more than their intellect. A warm heart can matter much more.
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