WDYK About Famous Statues?

Statues and sculptures are quite the incredible thing. You take a hard piece of stone and transform it, by reducing it with patience and precision, into your vision of what it can be. The famous statues of this world are not just pieces of art, but each also stands for an ideal. What do YOU know about these world-famous statues?
Who sculpted the famous statue of David?
Leonardo da Vinci
What year saw the Statue of Liberty christened?
Who was the artist behind 'The Thinking Man'?
Auguste Rodin
Constantin Brancusi
What part of its body is the 'Venus de Milo' lacking?
The largest statue of Jesus Christ can be found in...
Rio, Brazil
Vatican, Italy
Rome, Italy
Madrid, Spain
Where can we find the Statue of David?
In Florence, Italy
In Valletta, Malta
In Athens, Greece
In Nazareth, Israel
Where is the famous 'The Little Mermaid' statue located?
Copenhagen, Denmark
Venice, Italy
Warsaw, Poland
Ankara, Turkey
On the island of Rhodes, there used to be an over 100 foot (33 meters) tall statue of a Greek God. What was it called?
The Colossus of Rhodes
The God of Rhodes
The Titan of the Sea
The God of the Sea
True or False: The ancient statues found on Easter Island are made of wood and shells
How tall is the Statue of Liberty, from ground to torch?
305 feet (93 meters)
535 feet (163 meters)
278 feet (85 meters)
1,242 feet (378 meters)
At almost 600 feet (182 meters), which statue is the tallest in the world?
Statue of Unity, India
Spring Temple Buddha, China
Great Buddha of Thailand, Thailand
Statue of Liberty, USA
Who created the famous bronze underwater statues: 'Christ of the Abyss'?
Guido Galletti
Henry Moore
Pablo Picasso
Auguste Rodin
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Art may not be your strong side, but is that really important? You may want to know these art pieces, but maybe you do and just don't know where they stand. Look at the answers to learn more about them, or try again to get a better score. We believe in you!
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You did very well indeed, getting a good score and managing to answer most of our questions about some of the most famous statues in the world, who made them and where they can be found. These world-famous pieces of art should be recognized and adored, so we do not forget the great creations of the past.
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You ACED this quiz! Good on you, we're guessing you have quite the artistic knowledge on you, or perhaps you are simply an art lover, who knows so much about these gigantic pieces of art that they know exactly where they stand. Be that as it may, congratulations on beating this art quiz!
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