What First Impression Do You Give?

The very first impressions we give can have a huge impact on our continued relationship with people we just met. Sometimes, it's what determines if there's a second impression! What kind of first impression do you give people? Take this test to find out!
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People first notice your...Positive Vibe!
At first glance you are seen as an effervescent, fun, silly person. You don't take things seriously and people get that right after meeting you. You're always looking on the bright side of life, you light up a room upon entering, you are a ray of sunshine! It's hard not to notice you!
People first notice your...Gaze!
You have a powerful gaze and eyes that warm people and invite them in. You have an intensity and focus to your eyes that makes people not only notice you but feel seen! You may not think your eyes are that special, well think again, everyone else thinks so, and it gives a person a bright, focused and warm look.
People first notice your...Uniqueness!
No we're not calling you weird! Some people just give that first impression of being a bit different to the norm, hinting there is more to you than meets the eye. You are perhaps a layered person, or someone who is just not made from a common template. If they are wise, they'll know this impression hints at a fascinating personality.
People first notice your...authority!
You may not know this, but upon first glance you give off a powerful vibe of authority! You may not feel like a leader inside but ever notice people listening to what you say and respecting your opinion? Well that's your powerful first impression you're giving off.
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