Which of the World Wonders Are You?

In the year 2007, more than 100 million people from around the globe took part in a survey to create the new 7 wonders of the world, creating a list that includes some of the most exceptional and interesting places in the world. Each of these places has a special character and a lot of comparison points to us humans. If you'd like to know which one is like you the most - answer these questions with complete honesty.
What Photo Attracts You Most?
urban landscape next to sea
Tiger in snow
couple kissing
What is your favorite place in the house?
Study or Library
Whatever has a TV
The bed in the bedroom
The bathroom
The yard/garden
oval office
What do you think about superstitious people?
They're wasting their time
Whatever, we can all believe as we wish
No problem with them, I have a few of my own
deserted island
What would you pick first to take on a deserted island?
Saw and hammer
Weapons and ammunition
Mattress and bed covers
Something to remind me of home
woman holding dislike buttons
What trait is the most negative in your eyes?
Being hesitant
Being rash
Being oversensitive
Being shy
Being irresponsible
child on the beach standing in water
What childhood experience do you remember most?
Winning some competition
Playing with friends
My first kiss
No special childhood memories
Family vacation
sundown at the beach
What is the one thing you try to do every night?
Watch the news
Eating a full, comforting dinner
Have a nice chat with spouse
Drinking a glass of tea/coffee
two girlfriends
Pinky swear time: Can you keep a really juicy secret?
Not really
I may tell one person I'm really close with
Woman praying
Can you be defined as a religious person?
Yes, but not in the traditional sense
movie film with scenes
What movie genre do you like the most?
What colors dominate your wardrobe?
Black and grey
Red and yellow
White and yellow
There's no one color that dominates
Green and brown
rising graph
What quality helps you in life the most?
Life experience
The Great Wall of China
Craig Nagy
Ambition, smarts, ability to work hard, needing security - these are the things that symbolize the Great Wall of China and can definitely be said about you as well. By your answers, there is something admirable about how you conduct yourself, telling the world that nothing will stop you from your ultimate goal. Sometimes people are scared by this, seeing you as closed off, but the people who know you know your greatness.
The Colosseum
The most famous amphitheater in the world, and one of the most recognizable symbols of the height of The Roman Empire's power, is a world wonder and admirable - just like you. According to your answers, your personality is of a fighting nature and you have little problem standing up to others. When that's not an issue, you use this power to get what you want out of your life. Don't forget to laugh and get some entertainment to relieve you of stress.
The Taj Mahal
Yann Forget
The Taj Mahal, also known as the 'castle crown', was built by an emperor of of the Mongolian empire. This is the closes wonder to you because it symbolizes a sensitive heart, royalty, loyalty and a huge amount of love to give to the world. You're probably not a stranger to big displays of love, and it may be time to do so again and spruce up your life.
This ancient and breathtaking old city is a quiet and impressive place, with a history rich in world shattering events. One can say your personality is a bit mysterious, full of surprises and very, very deep. Sometimes it takes some work to get to know you, but it's always worth it.
Machu Picchu
Martin St-Amant
The city on the top, an ancient relic of the Inca culture of South America. This beautiful world wonder rests in the green mountains of Peru. The incredible place represents you in the way it reflects your complex nature and your connection to some world of spirituality. You have probably always had a special place in your heart for nature, and you probably have some great memories connected to it. People around you don't always understand you, but that's ok, you have your own truth and your own way and need nothing else.
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