How Fit Are You to Be a Billionaire?

When it comes to self-made billionaires, many things can be said about them - but stupid is not one of them. At least not financially stupid. These are people who used brains, audacity and clear logical thinking to achieve huge financial success. Do you have anything in common with them? This IQ test will try to determine just that.
What is the square root of one million?
What is one third of one third of 144,000?
What is the next number in this series?
X + (X + 4) + (X + 8) = 444 - What is X?
X = 445
X = 390
X = 122
X = 144
What does alpha, beta and gamma radiation have in common?
They're all types of nuclear radiation
They're all comic book inventions
They're all created by cellphones
They're the types of radiation a black hole emitts
The relation between a virus and an inoculation is the same relation between a test and...
What is shown in this image?
Pascal's Triangle
Maslow's Pyramid of Needs
A Penrose Triangle
Moore's law of Exponential Growth
A merchant bought 16 feet of cloth. Every day he cuts 2 feet off the cloth and sell them. How many days before he stops cutting?
Where is the world's largest Hadron Collider located?
United States
If we rearrange the letters 'naariaiumt' - we get the name of a...
Chemical Element
Balkan Dish
What is the principle of Communicating Vessels?
A physical law stating that liquid, with all things being equal, will even out over all containers
A hydrostatic law describing the pressure on a liquid in a state of mechanical imbalance
Physical law describing the direct ratio between effort and muscle torsion
Physical equation proving that matter equals energy
You have 33 cows. Last winter you lost 5 of them to wolves. Then the remaining cows each gave birth to a calf. You were then lucky enough to find 40 more cows. The next spring 50% of them gave birth to a calf. However, you soon found out they had a disease that kills 25% of the whole herd. How many cows do you now have?
A Richard Bronson
Richard Bronson is a British entrepreneur and business man who is known for his super brand VIRGIN - a business group that includes air flight companies, music, leisure and financial services. He became this successful man despite having low grades at school. In fact, his principal is famous in saying that he would become either a millionaire or a criminal. He was wrong on both counts, since Richard became a Billionaire. Bronson didn't do it by inventing something incredibly new or innovated the world, but because he kept making very smart decisions, one after the other. So don't fret, you may still have within you to become like Richard Bronson.
World Economic Forum
A Jack Ma
Jack Ma is a Chinese technological entrepreneur who is best known for the ALIBABA website, which is a lot like Amazon only focuses more on bulk sales. Jack came from humble beginnings, and in the beginning no one wanted to hire him. He failed no less than TEN TIMES in his application to Harvard business school. But in the end, Jack had the last laugh because he didn't let anything stop him, he kept learning all the time, studying the world of trading and in the end how to innovate that world by combining it with genius online marketing. You obviously have a high IQ, so be like Jack, and let nothing stop you!
Maurizio Pesce
An Elon Musk
Elon Must is a Canadian entrepreneur who is most famous for his car company Tesla, his space company SpaceX, the ubiquitous paypal service and many other things. Musk is more than just a smart businessman, he's a smart everything, with a rich background in engineering, computing, physics and math. So, by your score, you seem to have more in common with this genius billionaire. Maybe if you take that logic and smarts and turn them into innovations, you too could be an Elon Musk type billionaire.
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