Are You Smarter Than a Gray Parrot?

People like to use the term 'Bird Brain'. I bet none of them has ever met a grey parrot before! These guys are very smart, and may have a better vocabulary than your average teen... In any case, researchers have put these parrots through all kinds of intelligence tests, so if you want to show us you're smarter than a grey parrot, you'll have to answer a good number of these questions correctly!
Which of these is not like the other?
Which shape below will not fit into this puzzle?
Without cheating, which of these was NOT an answer option in Question 1?
Now which of these shapes was included in Question 2?
How many sides does this clear cube have?
Which of these is not like the others?
Which of these beakers is holding the most liquid?
Without cheating, which of these was an option in the last food-based question?
Which of these was NOT a color liquid featured in the volume beakers?
And how many beakers were there total?
There was a colored square to the right of this clear cube! What color was it?
Lastly, which of these looks safest to eat?
Gray parrot for the win!
Unfortunately you weren't very focused on this one, and it seems like the gray parrots have won this round. How about a second round to defend the honor of humanity?
You Did About the Same
Unless very well trained, most gray parrots would do about this well, so if you want to defend humanity's honor, you will need to do better than this. How about a second round to make sure those darn parrots don't start taking our jobs?
Smarter For Sure!
You have beaten the gray parrot at its own game, and you can safely assume the mantle of 'smarter than African parrot'. You may not think that's much, but these parrots are incredibly clever, so nicely done protecting our species' reputation.
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