Can You Perceive Small Changes?

This test will ask you to pick the odd image out of 3. The images will be very similar, but one will be slightly different, requiring your full powers of perception and observation to find the change. Do you think you're perceptive enough to beat this quiz? Show us!
Which one is different?
Which one is different?
Keep on picking the different one...
Go on...
Try Again...
Seems like this one got away from you. Either you don't have much of a head for details or you got caught by surprise. If it is the latter, why not take a short break and try again...
Quite Perceptive
You have a pretty good eye for detail. While you may not be recruited to be a top-spy any time soon, you have an above-average ability to see detail and retain it for a short-term use.
Most Preceptive!
You have a highly developed brain for noticing little details, not only quickly, but thoroughly. You are the kind of person spy agencies look for, as they can assess a situation with a quick look and remember crucial details about it later. Congratulations on your outstanding perception!
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