Are You a Creative Pattern Breaker?

This test will start with simple patterns and get more complex as you continue. It will test your pattern recognition skills, but there is more than just 'right or wrong' here. We will be looking deeper, into what creativity hides behind your choices, where right or wrong play only a part of the result. Your creativity and your natural pattern recognition skills are in fact used by psychologists to test for dementia as well. So let's see YOUR pattern when dealing with pattern recognition.
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Your mind detects patterns better than 96% of the population
Only 4% of the human population can get the same result as you did! You have a truly unique mind that can spot even the slightest difference and calculate all the different possibilities. On top of that, you're very patient when you need to be and that gives you the peace of mind to actually concentrate and reach the right conclusion instead of giving up.
Your mind is wired to be creative!
You were classically correct on 60% of the questions. Although you didn't solve it all, your creative mind helped you fill in the gap. When you get stuck on a hard subject, you creativity tends to take control and find a new way to solve the problem. While other people get stuck and frustrated, your brain has a sort of built in "Plan B" system that helps you solve problems.
You are a dedicated Pattern Breaker
You got 40% of the questions correct in the classic way. Although you didn't solve them all properly, your determined nature will try again and again to solve the patterns properly. While other people might give up and go solve something easier, you just won't let it go. Your brain loves a good challenge and yearns for a good exercise. You will solve these patterns again and again until you get them all right. It's just in your nature.
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