Can You Figure Out the Relations??

Do you remember the SAT’s logic questions asking you to find the relationship between two words? Whether you do or don’t, you’ll be happy to discover the next refreshing trivia quiz that tests you twice in each question; First, you’ll need to decipher the relationship between two words and then try to choose which answer best fits the relationship. It's going to be challenging, but we already know that you don’t expect it to be easy and simple. Good Luck!
Rio de Janeiro
The relationship between Rio de Janeiro and Brazil is the same as that between:
New Delhi to India
Kyoto to Japan
Barcelona to Spain
London to England
Michelangelo’s Statue of David
The relationship between King David and Michelangelo is the same as that between:
Microsoft to Windows
Target to Walmart
Albert Einstein to his theory of evolution
Pfizer to Viagra
Chairs in a theater hall
The relationship between Joe Keller and the play "All My Sons" is the same as that between:
Bruce Willis to "Die Hard"
Miguel de Cervantes to Don Quixote
John McClane to "Die Hard"
Steven Spielberg to "Jurassic Park"
A glass bottle on a beach
The relationship between sand and glass is the same as that between:
Seeds to dirt
Iron to steel
Jeans to button
Gelatin to cake
The Doors with lead singer Jim Morrison
The relationship between the city of Paris and singer Jim Morrison is the same as that between:
Easter to egg hunt
Wedding to divorce
Exodus to desert
Oil to Saudi Arabia
The relationship between a water dog and a diver is the same as that between:
Shoe to shoehorn
Hook to fishing rod
Milk to cow
Villain to bad person
Camembert cheese
The relationship between Roquefort and Camembert is the same as that between:
Chianti to Marsala
Anchor to boat
Hollywood to Movies
Champagne to Champagne
old town
The relationship between Boston and England is the same as that between:
Barcelona to Gaudi
New York to Amsterdam
New Orleans to France
Denver to James W. Denver
Electric Guitar
The relationship between singer Paul Stanley and Kiss is the same as that between:
Scottie Pippen To The Chicago Bulls
Boston to Massachusetts
iPhone to Apple
Polaris to “Little Bear”
The relationship between croissants and France is the same as that between:
Chebureki to Georgia
Plantains to South America
Great to awesome
Donald Trump to the Republicans
Julia Roberts
The relationship between Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts is the same as that between:
Lentils to rice
Rectangle to square
Sodium to chloride
Polar bear to walrus
Actors perform "Romeo and Juliet" on stage
The relationship between Romeo and Juliet to Verona is the same as that between:
"Cabaret" to Berlin
"Fiddler on the Roof" to Broadway
Woody Allen to New York
"Hamlet" to London
Mango served on a plate
The relationship between mango and Anba is the same as that between:
Henna to Tattoo
Water to ice
Wood to paper
Concrete to metal
Two men shaking hands
The relationship between George Bush and Barack Obama is the same as that between:
Sugar to Stevia
Congress to government
Google to Facebook
Glasses to eye drops
a man on a mountain with a walkie talkie
You’ve cut off all contact
It seems that we really confused you because the connection between you and the test has gone awry. Keep in mind that this quiz is pretty challenging, so don’t feel bad about not knowing most of the answers. The best thing to do is to try again, and this time think hard before you answer. We’re confident that you’ll do better next time.
a walkie talkie
You connected with us
It wasn’t easy at all, we know, but you were able to find the logic in the questions that appeared throughout the test with respectable consistency. If you didn’t take your time with every question it’s easy to understand why you made a mistake here and there, but what’s important is that a demonstration of general knowledge, common sense and sharpness are noteworthy. Keep it up!
2 walkie talkies
You're our greatest "contact person!"
You belong to an exclusive minority of geniuses, no less, who have managed to decipher most or all of the relationships we presented in the quiz. From now on you will be our contact person for everything related to knowledge of culture, geography, politics, sports, and more. Take pride in yourself and challenge others to see if they can do as good as you!
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