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As kids, we never understood why we needed to learn all the various subjects at school. After all, who needs math when there are calculators? However, the tools that learning math gives us don’t end with the ability to perform complicated calculations. Learning math helps us approach challenging life and puzzle problems rationally to find a clear way of achieving the right result. If you think you have these abilities, you should prepare your brain for the next challenging quiz for which you don’t need to know complicated formulas, but you do need to adopt a smart approach that’ll help you to be part of the chosen minority that can get a perfect score. Just a little warning, this isn’t going to be easy!
A motorboat takes exactly 2 minutes to cross a 2-km course when it sails in the direction of the river’s flow, but when the motorboat sails against the river's flow, it takes 4 minutes to finish the same route. How long would it take the motorboat to finish the same room if the river is still?
2 minutes and 40 seconds
One minute
3 minutes
An elderly couple celebrated their 60th anniversary in 1995. Both were born on August 16, but seven years apart. The husband is older than the woman by 2,555 days. According to the information you have, what years were the couple born?
1903 and 1896
1904 and 1896
1903 and 1897
If a person goes 4 km south and then 3 km north, what is the maximum distance he can find himself relative to the point where he started his journey?
7 km
1 km
He'll reach the same point
If you add the ages of Ben and my son, you get the number 91. Today Ben’s age is two times the age of my son when Ben was his current age. How old are Ben and my son today?
My son is 52 and Ben is 39
My son is 53 and Ben is 39
My son is 52 and Ben is 38
Evan spent 1/5 of the content of his wallet, and then 1/5 of what was left in his wallet, and was left with 72 dollars. What was the original amount in Evan’s wallet before he began spending?
200 dollars
500 dollars
150 dollars
Jane decided to divide 470 marbles between her 3 sons. Jim received 120 more marbles than Bob, and Bob got 70 more marbles than Rich. How many marbles did each child receive?
Jim got 260, Bob got 140 and Rich got 70
Jim got 250, Bob got 145 and Rich got 65
Jim got 280, Bob got 120 and Rich got 95
Suzy bought a bracelet for 21 dollars, and she sold it for 25 dollars. She was paid by a check for 35 dollars and gave the buyer 10 dollars change. Susie gave the check to her landlord, but the check bounced. Now Susie is short 35 dollars on her rent. How much money has Susie lost in the process?
31 dollars
35 dollars
40 dollars
Three brothers entered a shoe cobblers shop. Each of the brothers had to have their shoes resoled and their laces shortened. The cobbler has 2 assistants who do these jobs for him, and both of them take the same amount of time to perform these jobs. Resoling takes 15 minutes and shortening the laces takes 5 minutes. How long will it take for the assistants to finish the work together?
30 minutes
40 minutes
50 minutes
Aunt Mary doesn’t like to talk about her age. So when her nephew asked her how old she was, she told him she was 35, not counting the weekends. What is Aunt Mary’s real age?
If I saved one penny on January 1, 2 pennies on January 2, 4 pennies on January 3, doubling the number of pennies I save every day until the end of the month - how much money will I save by the end of the month?
21,474,836.47 dollars
31,474,836.47 dollars
20,474,836.47 dollars
There are four cards, each of which has one digit between 1 and 4. If you mix the cards well, how likely are you to draw the cards in sequential order, from 1 to 4?
A woman looking disappointed
Try again
Math tests are hard, especially this one, which is difficult to even prepare for. However, we aren’t in school and there is no need to beg the teacher for a re-do - you can try to answer the questions again, but this time you should give them a little more thought. You may even be able to improve your score and surprise yourself with a perfect score!
A man in a suit holding up a thumbs up
Very nice!
Your mind is definitely effective when it comes to mathematical calculations and reasoning, and even if you sometimes need a calculator, the stuff you learned in school or knowledge you have naturally have certainly helped you deal with these riddles. Now you can look at your answers and see where you went wrong. We challenge you to try again and see if you can answer them right this time!
Albert Einstein
Great Job!
Wow! We didn’t think anyone would ever achieve this result, but it seems that we are dealing with a genius. You are probably an avid riddler and logic is your strong point, even more than knowledge of math and numbers. Share this test with your friends and challenge them to try and beat your score - just don’t be surprised if they don’t succeed.
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