How Much Do You Know About Sugar?

Sugar is all around us. It's the taste most of us love most, and we would be eating it all day and all night if it wasn't so bad for us in big amounts! How much do you know about the white powder most of us are addicted to?
True or False: We humans are born with a 'sweet tooth'.
True, we're hardwired for it
False, we only like it if we eat it as children
How much Coke can you drink before you reach ten teaspoons of sugar?
Half a can
A full can
Two full cans
Three and a half cans
On food labels, the amount of sugar is listed in grams. What's 1 gram of sugar?
1/4 teaspoon
1 teaspoon
2 teaspoons
2/3 teaspoon
Why is high-fructose corn syrup in so many foods?
It's cheaper to make than sugar.
It's more nutritious than sugar.
It has fewer calories than sugar.
When grocery shopping, probably the best way to avoid foods with added sugar is...
Don't shop at the bakery
Shop the store's perimeter
Don't buy from eye-level shelves
Which of the following foods should you limit your consumption of to avoid extra sugar?
All answers are true
Fruits and vegetables
Cereals and crackers
Milk and plain yogurt
How many glasses (250 ml) of orange juice can you drink before you get to 10 teaspoons of sugar?
2.2 glasses
5.5 glasses
0.5 glasses
1 glass
Which one of these facts is NOT a problem with eating sugary foods?
Sugar contains empty calories - 16 per teaspoon - but no nutrients.
Consuming excessive amounts of added sugar promotes the storage of body fat.
Added sugar stimulates your appetite and overrides your natural satiety signals.
Added sugar causes celiac disease
How many calories are in one teaspoon or cube (4g) of sugar?
6 calories
50 calories
16 calories
46 calories
Which of these isn't a type of sugar?
Which of these is table sugar?
Which country leads the world in sugar production?
South Africa
Shall We Try Again?
Sugar is everywhere, and you'd be wise to pay attention to how much of it you consume. We strongly advise you learn more about it, what contains it and how much you should be having.
You know quite a bit about sugar, and it's a good thing you do! Sugar is one of the greatest risk to our health, and it's good to know where it can be found and when it can be avoided! Nicely done.
You know A LOT about sugar! We hope that's because you know how to avoid it and not because you eat so much of it. Sugar is terrible for our health so we're so pleased to see you know quite a lot about it!
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