How Much Do You Know About the UK?

The United Kingdom is a group of several countries that have influenced the world, colonized North America, discovered large parts of the world (and sometimes conquered it), and made many contributions to science and medicine over time. How much do YOU know about the UK?
Which of these is NOT part of the United Kingdom?
North Ireland
British Columbia
Which UK country is the biggest?
Northern Island
What is the most spoken language in the UK after English?
Is there a difference between Great Britain and the United Kingdom?
Yes, the United Kingdom also includes Scotland
Yes, the United Kingdom also includes North Ireland
No. They used to be different but today they are the same
Golf was famously invented in the UK. In which country was it invented and is still its national sport?
North Ireland
What is the population of the United Kingdom?
66 Million
215 Million
300 Million
120 Million
When did Scotland join the United Kingdom?
Since it was formed
In 1961
In the 18th Century
In the 16th Century
Who can authorize the creation of new laws in the British government?
The Paliament
The Prime Minister
The Leader of the House of lords
The Queen
The British Parliament is made of two houses. The House of Lords and the House of the...
Which English king was known as 'The Mad King'?
George III
Richard III
Elizabeth I
Louis XIV
The UK has 13 British overseas territories. Which of these is one of them?
French Guinea
British Columbia
True or False: Heathrow airport in London in the largest airport in Europe
False. Germany's Frankfurt airport is larger.
What is the SECOND largest city in the UK?
You Have More to Learn About the UK
There's so much to know about the long history the UK, an entity that has existed for hundreds of years and has fought many wars, discovered many innovations and played a very important part in the world stage. We don't blame you for not knowing that much about it, but it's a fascinating subject.
You're Knowledgable!
You know quite a bit about the UK. Probably more than most. It's a fascinating group of countries with a glorious (and also terrible) history full of war, glory, pain, losses and victories. The more you know about it, the more interesting it becomes.
United Kingdom Resident!
Are you sure you're not English, Scottish or maybe from Wales? You easily ACED this trivia quiz about the United Kingdom and we're happy you did! The history of the entire world was influenced heavily by these countries and their union. Congratulations!
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