How Much Do You Know About Pirates?

Pirates are perhaps the most infamous type of criminals in history, infusing our imagination with images of high seas adventure. How much do you know about these ruthless mobsters of the ocean? Take our quiz and find out.
In which century did the 'golden age' of piracy as we know it today begin?
17th century
18th century
5th century
12th century
True or False: All pirates were men
True, women were seen as bad luck on a ship
False, there were a number of famous pirate women
What was the skull and bones flag called?
The Jolly Roger
The Black Flag
The Grinning Skull
What was a pirate's famous favorite drink?
Why did pirates wear eye patches?
The patches had the symbol of their crew on it
To strike terror in people afraid of the one-eyed pirate stereotype
To stay adjusted to both light and darkness
To defend eye holes and infected eyes from the salt sea
Who was the most feared pirate on the seas?
Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard
Zheng Yi Sao
Black Bart
Ned Lowe
Which of these things pirates did NOT do?
Make people walk the plank
Tie people behind the ship and drag them
Leave people on a deserted island
Lashings with a leather whip
How big were pirate ships?
Bigger than most merchant ships, to allow more cannons and men
They are usually the largest on the ocean
They actually used a dozen or more small boats to attack
Medium to small size, but filled with many men
A famous pirate couple made a name for themselves commanding tens of thousands of men. They were...
In the late 17th century there were rumors about a pirate utopia that lasted 25 years. It was never found. What was its name?
Pirate Island
Pirate Cove
True or false: Pirates took no prisoners
True or False: If pirates suspected homosexuality, the sailor would be immediately put to death
Which of these treasures were the most rewarding plunder for pirates?
How would pirates share the loot?
50% for the captain, 10% for the first officer and the rest shared equally among the crew
30% for the captain and the rest shared equally
Share equally among everyone with the captain and officer getting slightly more
Shared only among those that fought hand to hand in the raid plus the captain - equally
Today, which of these countries produces the most pirates?
You're a Baby Pirate
You don't seem to know much about pirates. Of course, this is hardly an essential skill in today's society. Modern pirates are a very different thing from the golden age pirates who terrorized the seas hundreds of years ago. That said, it's an exciting chapter in history, and if you want to know more about pirates, we recommend reading a bit about it.
You're a Fighting Pirate!
Your knowledge of pirates is impressive! You know quite a bit more about these high seas gangsters. We don't blame you, it's a fascinating chapter in history, with a lot of scary-yet-epic stories and people. You must have a keen interest in history and a sound mind for details to remember all these facts. Great job!
You're a Pirate King
You got an almost perfect score! You may have the soul of an old pirate king, or perhaps you're just a pirate enthusiast, but you ACED this test! You must have a sharp mind and a keen interest in history to remember all these facts and small details about pirates. We're willing to bet you probably do well in a lot of historical quizzes. We bow before you in fear, oh mighty Pirate King!
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