WDYK About Ireland?

Ireland may not be a very big country, but it has produced many astounding artists, writers and scientists, as well as a culture that has swept many off their feet. The Irish are originals, and there's no mistaking them for their English or Scottish cousins. How much do you know of this green land?
What is Ireland's national plant and symbol?
A 3 leaf clover
A 4 leaf clover
An apple tree
A sunflower
What was the name of the agreement signed between England and Ireland to discontinue the fighting?
Good Friday Agreement
Boxing Day Agreement
St. Helen's Agreement
St. Patrick's agreement
How many people live in the Republic of Ireland (excluding Northern Ireland)?
About 5 million
About 10 million
About 15 million
About 20 million
In 1850, Ireland went through a terrible crisis due to a lack in...
Clean water
What is the capital of Northern Ireland?
True or False: The population of Northern Ireland is larger than the population of the Republic of Ireland by 20%
When did Ireland become a part of the United Kingdom?
Which of these cities is NOT a city in Ireland?
Traditionally, Ireland is divided into ______ provinces
Which of these is a county in Ireland?
The Highlands
Which of these is NOT a patron saint of Ireland?
St. Andrew
St. Patrick
St. Brigid
St. Colmcille
Which of these famous writers was Irish?
George Bernard Shaw
Virginia Woolf
John Milton
William Wordsworth
You May Need to Visit
It doesn't seem like you know much about Ireland, as your scores were low. Maybe it just doesn't interest you, or maybe you want to learn more. In any case, Ireland is a fascinating and beautiful place, so a little knowledge doesn't hurt, as you may want to visit! Check your answers below to see your mistakes or try again.
You're Welcome Anytime!
You definitely have some good knowledge of Ireland. You probably have some intellectual curiosity or you pay attention to the pieces of the puzzle you hear about this country. Whether you've been or not, I'm sure you'd be appreciated in Ireland for what you know, and you can check what you don't know in the mistakes and the correct answers shown below.
You're An Honorary Irish!
Wow, you aced this test! Are you Irish? Or maybe you've been to this green country before? In any case, you have an impressive knowledge of this country, its culture and various important facts about it. We're super impressed and we guess you're either a person of the world with huge amounts of knowledge or you know a lot about Ireland, or both! We bow before your encyclopedic knowledge.
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