Can You Complete the Proverb?

While proverbs were invented quite a long time ago, we still use them every day. Did you learn your phrases at school or from your parents? Think you can complete these 12 English proverbs? We're rooting for ya!
Complete the proverb.
...heart grow fonder."
...head grow lighter." grow colder." move slower."
Complete the proverb.
...strong as its weakest link."
...weak as its strongest link."
...vulnerable as its weakest spot."
...strong as its weakest spot."
Complete the proverb.
...that ends well."
...but our sins."
...on heaven and earth."
...the story told."
Complete the proverb. deceiving."
...lead a man astray."
...hide nastiness." a lie."
Complete the proverb.
...cart before the horse." before the cart." foot forward." face on."
Complete the proverb.
...come home to roost."
...come back to roost."
...follow you around."
...bite the hand that feeds them."
Complete the proverb.
...more than you can chew."
...more than you can handle."
...more than others."
...with a full mouth."
Complete the proverb.
...that lays the golden eggs."
...that lays the daily eggs.'
...that makes the eggs."
...that lays the golden promises."
Complete the proverb.
...has his price."
...has his limit."
...has a dream."
...has a heart."
Complete the proverb.
...shut and your eyes open."
...closed and your ears open." and your friends will disappear."
...shut and your nose open."
Complete the proverb.
...the luckier you get."
...the poorer you get."
...the meaner you get."
...the happier you get."
Complete the proverb.
...eggs become rotten."
...plans go astray."
...plans of mice and men often go awry."
...plans can change at any moment."
A Proverb Novice
We're afraid you did not pass this proverb quiz. Granted, most of these sayings aren't uttered that much anymore, but they do represent an enormous amount of wisdom gained over the years and condensed into these shorter sayings. To see the full proverbs, look at the quiz answers.
A Proverb Adept
Your knowledge of proverbs and English sayings is stout. You probably do some reading and have an curiosity about the language. Perhaps your parents used to say them to you! That said, there is a little room for improvement. No doubt you can make top score if you try again. If you'd like, you can retake the test. If not, you can see the full proverbs when clicking on "Show Mistakes."
A Proverb Master!
You have a super sound knowledge of proverbs, making it really hard for us to challenge you! You must have a great memory as well as a keen interest in reading and the English language. Perhaps were taught as a child or you just picked it up along the way. Good for you! If more people remembered these pearls of wisdom, maybe we'd all be better off.
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