Complete These Tricky Proverbs!

English has so many proverbs, added through the centuries and decades of long-ago times. There are thousands of them, and although you may be hard pressed to recall many of them, you might surprise yourself at how many you RECOGNIZE! Good luck!
Complete the phrase.
...catches no flies.
...speaks no evil.
...speaks no folly.
...catches no honey.
Complete the phrase. its song. its colors. its beak. its wings.
Complete the phrase.
...corrupts absolutely. absolutely wrong. absolute. only for God to hold.
Complete the phrase.
...on its stomach.
...on its courage. the tune of leadership. unending war.
Complete the phrase. every rule.
...for everyone.
...if you can find it.
...for every deception.
Complete the phrase.
...than to curse the darkness.
...than to sit in the dark.
...than to remain in the dark.
...than make the sun come up.
Complete the phrase. a friend to none. a friend indeed.
...can always stand tall.
...never lacks for company.
Complete the phrase. always avoided. half avoided.
...will be solved clean. avoided in the extreme.
Complete the phrase.
...may hide a foul heart.
...make men weak.
...controls the room.
...fills the room with grace.
Complete the phrase.
...deserves no thanks. no kindness at all.
...will turn to hate. neither sweet nor sour.
Complete the phrase.
...does not fear the hammer.
...retains its shape. solid through and through.
...will hold forever.
Complete the phrase.
...till needed.
...until a man grown.
...till proven. an enemy.
Complete the phrase.
...always wags.
...runs before his wit. a wasted effort. a wonderful thing to waste.
Complete the phrase.
...catches no mice.
...will leave no scratches.
...only needs for boots. safe to catch.
Not Quite There Yet...
We're afraid you did not pass this proverb quiz. Granted, most of these sayings aren't uttered that much anymore, but they do represent an enormous amount of wisdom gained over the years and condensed into these shorter sayings. To see the full proverbs, click on 'Show My Mistakes'
Good Job!
You have a good knowledge of proverbs and English sayings. You probably read quite a bit and enjoy the language, so you remember these sayings. Perhaps your parents used to say them to you! That said, there is a little room for improvement. We're sure you've got an A grade in you to make it this far. If you'd like, you can retake the test. If not, to see the full proverbs click on 'Show My Mistakes'
Wow You Know Them All!
You positively know your English proverbs! You must have a great memory as well as a keen interest in reading and the English language. Perhaps you come from a family where proverbs were used daily. If so, lucky you, as most people these days have forgotten most of these important proverbs that encapsulate so much learned knowledge. Good for you! To see the full proverbs click on 'Show My Mistakes'
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