Which Book Would You Fit Into?

Books and stories are the food that feeds our imagination, opens new worlds for us to explore, and teach us about the world, about people and about ourselves. In this test, we'd like to see which famous book you'd have a really good time living inside of! So answer our questions to the best of your ability and learn: Which book's story should you take a part in?
What do you think you'd be good at?
Having deep, charming conversations
Defending my values, no matter the world outside
Solving a mystery
Throwing a terrific party
Thinking up scary or bizarre stories
If society collapsed tomorrow and civilization falls apart, what do you think you'll do?
I will try to maintain a little bubble of civilization for my family and friends
I'll become a hardened warrior, weapon in hand
I'll find children and protect them from the harsh reality outside
I don't think I'll survive in such an ugly world
I'd become a survivor, a lone wolf
Which of these do you enjoy watching more?
Real-life crime documentaries
Old fashioned movies
A charming family movie for all ages
Any show or movie that take me to another world or time
Shows about highlife societies and beautiful fashion or design
Pick a fight that suits you...
Fighting for the person I love
Hunting down monsters and evil men
Fighting to discover the truth
Fighting to solve a crime
Pick a place for yourself to go to right now...
Do you consider yourself as 'tough'?
Nope, I need my comforts and pampering
I try to act tough but I'm really soft on the inside
Yes, I often feel harder than people around me
Not to others, but I'm very tough on myself
I can withstand a lot, passively
Which period of time would you prefer to live in?
Early 20th century, when there was more style
A few hundred years ago, when there was more honor
I'm good with today, I like the access to knowledge and technology
At least a bit in the future, when more magical things happen
Back to ancient times, when every day could mean life or death
Complete the sentence: "Love is..."
beautiful and merciless
power and strength
a never-ending quest
both sweet and deep
rare and dependent on trust
Do you believe some things are destined to happen?
Yes, especially when it comes to love
Yes, the entire world has a destiny
Yes, I believe I have an important destiny
No, I don't. We all create our own destinies, the rest is chaos
I believe many things are connected, but not destined
What worries you more often?
Losing out on life
Never being truly known by anyone
Big bodies such as governments and large corporations
Being attacked by evil or mentally-ill people
Losing what I've achieved: family, house, job etc.
What kind of 'good' dreams do you have most?
Usually having some grand adventure
Usually something romantic
Usually fantastic dreams of faraway lands and creatures
Being appreciated for something wonderful I've done
Competing and winning in some sport, game, trial, fight or something else
The Great Gatsby
According to your answers, a book you would have lots of fun as a character would be The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. <br><br> Why? Well, you seem to be a person who loves the finer things in life, prefers civilization and urbanity to other pleasures, and really appreciates old-fashioned style and manners, as well as a really good cocktail party! But that's not all, you are also a romantic person, someone who believes in love and will fight for it. Your soul covets a good glass of gin and a dramatic romance to deal with, preferably with the utmost style and grace.
Lord of the Rings
According to your answers, you'd be at home in a setting that is as far away from real life as possible. Going on an epic magical adventure is more your taste, and you'd be happy as a warrior or a wizard in the world of the Lord of the Rings. And if not there, then there is probably some fantasy world you'd enjoy, or perhaps a sci-fi adventure among the stars, as long as it's not THIS world!
Don Quixote
According to your answers, you would fit quite well in a beautiful and charming old-fashioned setting such as Don Quixote. This errant 'knight' lives in a beautiful world of true honor, old-fashioned yet charming values, and the desire to go on a great adventure for the sake of love. <br><br>Like you, Don Quixote believes in the destiny of love, and will fight for it. He will also fight for his ideals and will not bend them for anyone in the world, even the world itself. That is the kind of dream you would gladly share, for it is romantic, courageous, heartwarming and old fashioned in all the good ways.
The Little Prince
According to your answers, you would love being a character in 'The Little Prince', an incredibly charming tale of childhood, of finding your right place in the world, of longing and of not judging people and things by their cover. <br><br> Despite perhaps being a very mature person, you take delight in the innocence of children and animals. You wish there was more kindness in the world, and you enjoy philosophical conversations and wonderings about the nature of our world. This book will take you on a journey of self-discovery alongside the pilot and the little prince, and bring you to a new place of understanding in an enchanting way.
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
According to your answers, you'd be at home in a book full of danger, crime, a fight for survival and a mystery to solve. Like the protagonist of this book, you are a tough person, especially mentally, and you feel like you are often more capable than the people around you. It would be a great challenge and a great excitement to be part of some modern Machiavellian plot to get your juices flowing, your heart beating and your head thinking hard. When every breath is a luxury, life becomes ever-so-interesting...
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