Turned Jokes

The fungi turned down seconds at dinner because he never had mushroom.
If I had a talking parrot, the first thing I would teach it to say is "Help, they've turned me into a parrot!"
Twin brothers just had a birthday
One turned twenty. The other turned twenty too.
What do you think is the name of the knight who unexpectedly turned up at the battle? His name is Sir Prize.
Once, a wizard had cursed a knight and turned him into a bird. To express his sorrow, he sang throughout the entire day because he had become a knightingle.
Woman turned down the marriage proposal of a gardener. She wasn't ready to shear her life with him.
A magic tractor drove down the road and turned into a field!
Why did the strawberries turned red? Because they saw the salad dressing.
Turned down an opportunity to invest in a company making frosted glass balls. Couldn’t see any future in it.
This headlamp isn’t the only thing getting turned on tonight.
I know you’ve turned me down before, but I’m asking for an extra shot.
What happened to the dull knife's application?
It was turned down, he just couldn't make the cut.
What happened to the man who turned into a pistachio?
He became a shell of who he once was.
My shampoo bottle was empty. I turned to the only other bottle in the shower and said, "help me body wash...
You're my only soap!"
You must be Australian because you've turned my life upside-down.
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