What vehicle does T-Rex use to go from planet to planet? A Dinosaucer
My wife says she’s leaving me because she thinks I’m too obsessed with astronomy.
What planet is she on?!
It's foolish for humans to try and take back the planet of the apes
Since they are incredibly good at gorilla warfare.
A Human Loving Alien
A Human Loving Alien An astronaut is the first to step onto an alien planet. The alien's are so excited that they change all their signs to English, and even rename some of their places and landmarks after Human places and landmarks and things. The astronaut decides the first place he wants to go is a pub. He sees a nearby alien and asks, "where's the pub?" The alien gurgles back but his suit translates to the astronaut in real time. The alien says, "just around the corner!" The astronaut heads around the corner and sees it! It's labelled "The Keyboard" and he asks the bouncer, "Why is it called the Keyboard?" The bouncer replies, "the boss loves all things human and changed his name to reflect that. Ask him, he's the bartender." So the astronaut enters the Keyboard and goes to the bartender. "Excuse me, do you own this pub?" The astronaut says. "I do." The bartender gurgles back. "Why is it called the Keyboard?" The man asks. "Well," the alien gurgles in reply, "since I knew you humans were coming I updated the name!" The astronaut is on the edge of his seat... "The reason it's called the Keyboard is because it's a space bar."
How do you organize a space party? You planet!
7 billion smiles on this planet...
and yours is the worst.
Why didn't Pluto organize his birthday party?
He couldn't planet.
A rise in mercury sometimes mars the life on earth. How else would you think nature planet?
How will you organize a good space party? You planet.
If a meteorite perfectly hits a planet, what do we call those ones which miss? Meteowrongs.
How does NASA organize a birthday party? They planet.
Can you make a space pun? Yeah I can but I need a little bit of time to planet.
Why didn’t Earth get a birthday party? Because no one was interested to planet.
How do you organise a welcome party for an alien race?
You planet.
What do you call an alien spaceship that goes from planet to planet to planet? A UF-hoe.
My wife says she’s leaving me because she thinks I’m too obsessed with astronomy.
What planet is she on!