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A lot of people can't understand why Daniel Day Lewis's twin brother Daniel Night Lewis didn't make it in the movies.
That's because the difference between them is night and day.
For that special cashier:
Since you're checking me out why don't we go to the movies?
A lot of people don't like movies about mummies. I think they get a bad wrap.
Why don’t alligators watch movies?
Because they live in swamps.
You know those silly hacker movies where they're hacking so hard they type on two keyboards at once?
Such blatant stereo-typing
Why are shovels, trowels, and spades so common in down-to-earth novels and movies?
Because they're plot devices.
Cherries are the worst soft fruits to watch scary movies with. They spend the whole time hiding behind a cushion as they are cherrified.
Show your popcorn and coke guy at the movies a little appreciation. After all, he makes a lot of concessions.
Did you hear about the person who watched too many Shrek movies?
He ogre-dosed.
Thanksgiving is over… Want to watch Christmas movies and chill?
Where are werewolf movies made?
Who directs all of the movies about volleyball injuries? Spike Lee.
I was watching a movie when the screen started to emit blue light. Guess this is one of the cons of watching movies on Blue Ray.
What did the deer say when she met her favorite celebrity?
“I’m a big fawn of your movies!”
These days, knights love to watch movies, and their favorite genre is the horror and the action genre. Also, I am pretty sure that their favorite movie is 'Knight Of The Living Dead.'
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