Why do native Americans hate the snow?
Because it is white and settles all over their land.
I HATE when homeless people shake their cans of change at me.
I get it, you have more money than me, you don't have to show off.
I hate worms and snakes because they have no feet.
You might say that I am lacktoes intolerant.
Why do worms hate graveyards?
They keep bumping into skeletons!
The sheep says to the shepherd "you're an jerk and I hate you!" and the shepherd says "Say what?"
And the sheep goes "You herd me!"
Let Him Without Sin...
Let Him Without Sin... Jesus was walking along one day, when He came upon a group of people surrounding a lady of ill repute. It was obvious that the crowd was preparing to stone her, so Jesus made His now-famous statement, "Let him who has no sin cast the first stone." The crowd was shamed and one by one began to turn away. All of a sudden, a lovely little woman made her way through the crowd. Finally getting to the front, she tossed a pebble towards the woman. Jesus sighs and says, "I really hate it when you do that, Mom."
Why do communist hate bacon?
Because it’s from capitalist pigs.
Why do some trees hate playing checkers? Because they are true chess-nuts.
I really hate rock puns.
My sediments exactly.
I hate it when the grammar Nazis single me out.
It seems like a which hunt.
Why do criminals hate coins?
Because half of them are coppers.
What does a mom of a football fan hate the most?
A messi room.
Why don’t elephants like to ride on trains? Because they hate leaving their trunks in the baggage car.
I hate scuba diving.
It was the lowest moment of my life.
I hate when I have to stop scuba diving
If makes me deep-pressed
Why do blind people hate diving?
It scares the hell out of their dogs.