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Q: What happens to a cherry tree when it grows up?
A: It blossoms
What happens to a cherry tree when it grows up? It blossoms.
What happens when you drink beer from a cup?
You both get drunk.
What happens when Bigfoot gets lost in the fog?
He is mist!
What happens if an elf catches you being naughty?
Yule be sorry!
What happens to elves who misbehave?
They get the sack.
What happens to witches who break the school rules?
They get ex-spelled.
What happens when an onion burps at the most awkward time? It releases tear gas.
What happens if a cashew falls down your shirt?
It becomes a chestnut.
What happens to a nervous nut?
It cracks.
What happens if you cross a hairdresser and a werewolf?
A creature with an all over perm!
What happens if a big ghoul steps on Batman and Robin?
They become flatman and ribbon!
“You dropped your kid off a changing table? Stuff just happens, okay? Last week, my kid ate a cigarette. I caught him playing in the dryer yesterday. I picked up the wrong baby from daycare. I found my baby swimming in the toilet. No judging.”

- 'What To Expect When You Are Expecting'.
Q: What happens when two oranges collide?
A: They get en-tang-led!
What happens when you rub two oranges together?
You get Pulp Friction.
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