What happens when you go to the beach in hell?
You get a SaTan.
Easter and April Fools fall on the same day this year...
You could say it only happens once in a blue moon.
What happens when a blonde gets Alzheimers disease? Her IQ goes up!
What happens when fish start an addiction to worms?
They get hooked.
What happens when a Mexican gets to the worm? He passes out.
"Everything happens for a riesling, right?"
"Sip happens."
What happens when you shatter your funny bone?
You crack up.
What happens before it starts raining candy?
It sprinkles!
happens when you bother the parietal lobe?
It gets very touchy.
What happens when a neurotransmitter falls in love with a receptor?
You get a binding relationship.
What happens if you break the brain scanner?
What happens when you anger a brain surgeon?
They will give you a piece of your mind.
What's the difference between Wuhan and Las Vegas?
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
What happens when two snails get into a fight? They slug it out!