What did the dolphin say when it broke its neighbor’s window?
It wasn’t on porpoise!
A parishioner at my church broke into the holy water tank and splashed some on his infant daughter, saying, "your are hereby baptized!"
That's just not rite.
What did the doctor give the lollipop when he broke his leg
A candy cane.
I used to be engaged to a girl with a wooden leg.
But I broke it off.
I thought I broke my leg when I tripped over a box of Kleenex last night
But the doctor said it's only tissue damage.
I broke both my legs yesterday and now I have to use a wheelchair
I really can’t stand my situation right now.
I broke up with my girlfriend after she contracted the corona virus
I’ve decided to wash my hands of her.
What happened when the semi-colon broke grammar laws?
He was given two consecutive sentences.
A burglar broke into my house and took all my condiments, now I'm Spiceless in Seattle.
A mime in our town was arrested yesterday after he got into a bar fight and broke his left arm.
He still has the right to remain silent.
I’m directing a play about a boy who broke his arm.
You should see the cast.
A mime in my town was arrested yesterday after he broke his left arm in a bar fight.
He still has the right to remain silent.
What did the axon terminal say to the receptor when they broke up?
I need my space.
My first girlfriend was a tennis player but she broke my heart.
It was like love meant nothing to her.
What did the numerator say to the denominator when they broke up?
I'm so over you!